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Concrete Floor Grinders & Polishers

Niagara Machine has the concrete floor grinding and polishing machines you need. 

Looking for a concrete floor grinder to grind and polish the concrete surfaces on your commercial or industrial restoration project? Niagara Machine has what you need. We offer an extensive inventory of concrete grinding machines for surface preparation, coatings, resin, and epoxy removal. As well as polishing concrete, terrazzo and overlays.

When it comes to a complete range of power, Lavina offers some of the best planetary floor grinders on the market. Lavina’s concrete grinders include electric, propane, self-propelled, edgers, and remote-controlled machines that offer a diverse range of use including grinding and polishing of concrete surfaces, natural stone, terrazzo, and overlays. If you need a floor grinder for virtually any surface or in any environment, Lavina is the brand for you. 

Terrco is another trusted name in grinding and polishing. With a direct drive design specifically for terrazzo polishing, their machines have since been adapted to handle grinding and polishing of concrete surfaces. This new adaptation has made Terrco a key brand in commercial and industrial restoration. 

Air Purification

Grinding concrete, natural stone, and terrazzo dry naturally create dust, which can be an OSHA violation. Take compliance issues off your mind with DiamaPro’s air scrubbers, vacuums when grinding dry. Grinding wet can create concrete slurry that needs to be disposed of while meeting OSHA standards. DiamaPros slurry containment system helps you get rid of slurry safely and easily. 

What is Concrete Grinding & Polishing?

When you need to prepare a concrete surface for restoration, you first need to grind down the concrete until smooth. A grinder uses tooling to smooth the surface of the concrete. The tooling comes in various types from metals to resins and in various grits depending on the level of grinding needed. Concrete grinding and polishing is a common part of commercial building restoration. 

Grinding machines are typically used for grinding concrete, but they can also be used to grind natural stone and terrazzo which is a floor composite that is most commonly found inside commercial buildings.

Browse through our floor grinder and floor polisher inventory to find the right size and fit for your job. 

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