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Concrete Repair

Concrete surfaces are durable but not indestructible. Damaged joints, deteriorating cracks and surface areas in concrete floors are a major problem encountered in virtually all buildings at some stage during their service life. The problems created by floor defects are many and can come at a cost. 

Damaged concrete can reduce productivity by slowing down the vehicles used on the surface, plus causing the wheels and components excessive wear and tear. Cracks in concrete can also be a potential safety hazard, leading to dangerous falls or load tipping. Additionally, pests can seek out cracks in the surface and take shelter in them. If your concrete surface is public-facing, cracks are just plain unsightly.

Start With Better Surface Preparation

The best way to protect your concrete and ensure longevity is through better surface preparation. Concrete preparation can be time consuming but skipping this step will undoubtedly leave you with unsatisfactory results and a less durable surface.

 Prepare your concrete surface with a DiamaPro grinder for best-in-class results. Your surface will be left smooth, clean, and ready for resurfacing or repair. 

Products for Repair

DiamaPro Systems concrete products andline of repair products work seamlessly to restore productivity and serviceability to all types of concrete floors. From the oldest storage warehouse to aesthetic retail floors, DiamaPro has something to get the job done. Not all concrete repairs can be approached in the same way, but with DiamaPro, there is a product to ensure a long-lasting repair. 

DiamaJoint Fill

No matter what size project you’re tackling, DiamaPro can help. This product is a proprietary polyurea control joint filling designed for maximum durability to withstand everything from forklift or machinery traffic.DiamaJoint Fill is highly versatile and works for a number of different repair projects. With its low viscosity, it can flow through moderate width cracks and even protect them from further damage.

DiamaJoint is available in a vast selection of colors, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly or mismatched repairs. It can be cured and ready for shaving in as little as 45 minutes and ready for traffic within an hour.

DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban Technology 

If you are looking for protection from virus and bacteria,DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban Technology might be right for your concrete surface repair. This chemical additive provides an additional layer of advanced protection for your surfaces to prevent the infiltration and spread of pathogens. A widerange of color additives are available so you can resurface and protect concrete floors of nearly any color. 


DiamaPro DiamaGrout is a high strength, rapid setting resinous concrete repair material. Its low viscosity formula enables it to be used to repair a multitude of concrete defects. Spalled concrete, cracked concrete, small surface spalling and pin holes prior to the polishing process can all be filled and repaired with DiamaGrout.

DiamaGrout is self-priming and sets rapidly, and it can be tinted to any custom color. One two-gallon kit can cover up to 2000 square feet. The product meets all USGBC’s LEED® requirements of IEQ Credit 4.1. 


Once you’ve finished your repair, protect your surface withDiamaGuard HG. This product is a ready-to-use proprietary sealer for polished concrete. It helps protect polished surfaces against oil and water-based stains and etching while providing an attractive level of gloss.

DiamaGuard HG forms a water-resistant barrier that minimizes the penetration of liquids into the surface, giving you more time to address spills or leakage onto your surface. The sealer uses ultraviolet light blocking properties to protect the color additives in your concrete and increase vibrancy and longevity.

DiamaGuard HG also increases your surface's resistance to abrasion and chemical damage. It is low VOC, low odor, and non-flammable. The five-gallon bucket of sealer covers up to 2500 square feet. 

Accessories, Parts and More 

We carry a full range of DiamaPro accessories, replacement parts and more. Contact Niagara Machine for more information of our full stock of DiamaPro products all under one roof.

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