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Concrete Equipment Cleaners

Maintaining your concrete preparation equipment is just as important as maintaining your floors. If you are wet grinding a floor, you will produce concrete slurry. We have several products available in our shop for proper concrete slurry clean-up and disposal, however, the slurry can also solidify onto your concrete prep equipment. When this happens, it is important to clean it off properly to ensure proper performance. DiamaPro Systems Slurry Scrub was developed to remove hardened concrete slurry, portland cement residue, lime, mortar, and plaster, as well as clean and maintain equipment, tools, and vehicles. For end-of-the-day and end-of-project clean-up, a chemical like Slurry Scrub is a job site must-have!

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  • slurry scrub 5 gallon

    Slurry Scrub

    Slurry Scrub is specifically designed to clean dried concrete slurry from cutting and grinding equipment. It utilizes a state-of-the-art surfactant technology and a small molecular size to penetrate deep inside the pores of residual concrete. This unique...

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