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We are a top distributor of Superabrasive's many popular concrete surface preparation brands, including Lavina grinders, Lavina dust collectors and their new power trowels.

Lavina concrete and polishing machines have come a long way since their beginning in 2004. Superabrasive has been constantly updating and improving their machines. From the Pro, S, X, and most recently the Elite Series, the productivity and performance of these concrete floor grinders is second to none. Lavina machines feature forced planetary drive and are known as some of the most efficient and easy to use machines for grinding and polishing on the market.

Along with the ever-popular electric grinders, we also carry an extensive line of Lavina propane grinders and dust collectors, which have been growing in popularity with the ability to save contractors time and money from dealing with electrical wiring on a jobsite. Superabrasive has found themselves a leader in the propane machine category. They have introduced a new conversion kit system which allows the propane equipment to work more efficiently with less emissions than any competitor.

In 2020, the first LAVINA Power Trowels were introduced to the industry. Specifically designed for concrete grinding and polishing, these machines provide incredible productivity, superior balance, a powerful engine, and smooth operation. 

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