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L20GEB Propane Floor Grinder

L20GEB Propane Floor Grinder

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Part Number: L20GEB
Working Width: 20-inch
Engine Capacity: Kawasaki FS481V
Tool Holder RPM: 610-1090
Weight: 645 lbs
Grinding Pressure: 267-364 lbs
Heads: 3 x 9-inch
Dimensions (LxWxH): 66x22x48 in

Lavina® 20 Elite Three Head 3x9"(225mm) Planetary Grinding and Polishing Propane Machine with Kawasaki FS481 603cc

  • Completely redesigned frame delivers superior maneuverability and easy tool changes.
  • Dust-proof grinding head with low-friction chain gear planetary drive protects internal components from dust and moisture, which reduces maintenance and increases service life.
  • The chain has been upgraded on 20/25/30-inch models.
  • New tool security lock on all models for safer tool attachment.
  • The heads of all propane grinders have counter-clockwise / left rotation. Use the blue PCDs and Carbide Scrapers.
  • Easy-to-use integrated weights with 2 positions. With the weights down, you increase the grinding head pressure, and you can grind more aggressively.  
  • Improved dust collection efficiency. Adjustable skirt with a flexible brush for better dust containment. 
  • The L20GEB propane grinder is equipped with propane-driven Kawasaki engine and the Lavina Fuel Minder kit. 
  • New adjustable handle bar with multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation. Make sure the handle position is locked when moving or using the machine.
  • The grinder has two LED lights for monitoring the floor. A detachable LED light (with a magnet) on the base in the front improves visibility, and a second LED light attached in the back of the machine near the floor helps monitor the scratch pattern.
  • Convenient integrated lift points for moving the machine with a forklift.
  • Charging phone station with dual USB 2.0 ports, 3.15 Amps for faster charging with a shutoff when charge is complete.
  • Durable stainless steel cup holder.