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Concrete Curing Agents

Concrete curing agents are used to form a protective film over fresh concrete to retain moisture and maximize the hydration potential of the cement. Curing agents help achieve the optimum strength development and durability of the concrete. 

Concrete curing agents help prevent premature drying out of the concrete surface and reduce surface shrinkage and cracking. Use these chemicals to make a more durable, hard-wearing surface and help prevent dust accumulation. 

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  • 47074-05GAL


    DensiKure cures and densifies new concrete in one step. PROSOCO® DensiKure densifies and cures newly placed, smooth, steel-trowel-finished concrete in one application. This combination of a high-performance hardener/densifier with a...

  • singlestep 5 gallon container


    SingleStep is an acrylic-silicone blend for curing and weatherproofing new and existing concrete in one easy step. SingleStep quickly penetrates to form a water-repellent gel in the pores and a semi-glossy film on the surface. This film helps keep...

  • PCA


    AmeriPolish PCA is a curing agent that chemically hardens and dust-proofs concrete for improved abrasion resistance without forming a coating. PCA is recommended on newly placed concrete to add initial water and stain repellency while retaining slab...

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