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Concrete Scarifiers & Shavers

Concrete Scarifiers, also known as surface planers or milling machines, cut or scar the surface of concrete with the use of cutting tools. These machines are great for preparing concrete or metal surfaces for secondary processes like coating, painting, and leveling.  Concrete Scarifiers can also groove walkways to improve slip resistance. You can achieve different finishes by adjusting the spacing and pattern of the cutter assemblies.

Scarifiers remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders due to the pummeling action of the cutting wheels that rotate at very high speeds. The cutters chip away at the concrete leaving rough surface profiles for various purposes. Cutting depths are adjustable on most surfacing machines.

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  • SCAR-10 Propane SCAR-10 Gas scar-10 control panel scar-10 drum scar-10 action

    Scar-10 Scarifier

    The DiamaPro Walk-Behind Scarifier has a 10” working width and will scarify approximately 500-700 sq ft per hour at a depth of 1/8” per pass,  FEATURES: 10” working width will scarify approximately 500-700 sq.ft...

    $7,990.00 - $9,990.00
  • SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator

    SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator

    Compact, rugged, center-drum-balanced all-in-one walk-behind surface preparator to shave, profile or scarify floor surfaces up to 10" wide per pass. The SMITH SPS10™ is the world's most reliable gas or electric powered surface preparator on the...

  • SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer

    SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer

    One machine Shaves, Profiles or Scarifies floor surfaces up to 15" wide per pass. Only the SMITH brand FS351™ is a self-propel Surfacer with the flexibility and power to to prepare your floor surfaces with controlled surface finishes from CSP3 -...

  • SMITH SPS8 Walk-behind SMITH SPS8 Walk-behind

    SMITH SPS8 Walk-behind

    The SMITH SPS8™ is the no-frills economy model built on the SMITH SPS10™ chassis , it is best suited for simple scarification applications with available cutter drum options and powered in electric or gas motor options. Cutter Selection...

  • SMITH FS200 Walk-behind SMITH FS200 Walk-behind

    SMITH FS200 Walk-behind

    SMITH FS200™ combination scarifier/grinder with feathering wheel is the perfect for users looking for a simple all-in-one lightweight, portable solution to remove coatings, surfce-prep and lightly scarify any floor surface with a variety of...

5 of 5 Items