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Bush Hammers

Do you have a coating removal project or need to rough up concrete, create an anti-slip concrete surface, or strip and prepare for a new coating or overlay? Then a bush hammer is the tool you need to use. Bush hammers create a specific profile on concrete floors that open the floor up for large aggregate exposure. This allows for more effective removal of thin coatings and makes them the perfect tool for prepping floors for epoxy application in interior and exterior spaces. There is no better diamond tooling for this kind of job. 

What Makes Bush Hammers So Effective?

Wondering what makes bush hammers the perfect restoration tool for stripping thin coatings of epoxy? Its in their unique design. They are uniquely designed to easily create profiles with a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) that can range between 3, 4, 5, or 6. This level of CSP is what you need for proper coating removal on concrete surfaces. 

The process of using a bush hammer also lends to the tools effectiveness in coating removal. It is cost-effective and produces very little airborne dust, especially when attached to a proper dust extractor like the DiamaPro SVX line of dust extractors or the dust extractors from Lavina. Utilizing a proper dust extractor with a bush hammer will keep your dust containment well within OSHA standards. For safety, make sure to always use a safety plate whenever available for extra rotation when using your bush hammer.   

The rate at which bush hammers are able to remove coatings is another point to their effectiveness. You can remove coatings at a rate of 200 to 2000 square feet per hour, depending on which concrete grinder you use, the condition of the floor, and the coating you are removing. Between the aggregate exposure of the concrete surface profile, the ease of dust containment, and the rate at which you can strip coatings or prep for an overlayment - its easy to see why bush hammers are so effective. They quickly pay for themselves on just your first couple of restoration projects.   

Bush hammers can also be used with a variety of concrete grinders, in both bolt-on models as well as quick change models that work with adapter plates for your grinder. 

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