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Concrete Floor Scrapers

Looking for a concrete floor scraper? We’ve got them, and in multiple different iterations including electric, propane and battery-powered as well as ride-on and walk-behind models, and from the best brands in industrial equipment like BlastPro and DiamaPro® Systems.


BlastPro is a leading manufacturer of concrete floor scrapers. Their product line includes both ride-on and walk-behind models, powered by battery or propane. The BlastPro ride-on concrete scrapers offer the perfect combination of both weight and power, making them the perfect choice for all of your coating removal projects. Both propane and battery-powered Blastpro concrete floor scrapers are some of the fastest and most efficient surface preparation tools on the market. They can strip, remove, and prepare floor surfaces ranging from tile, carpet, vinyl, hardwood flooring, thin set adhesives, rubber, elastomeric coatings, sports flooring, and pool deck coatings.

DiamaPro® Systems

DiamaPro® Systems is another powerhouse in the industrial equipment industry and their line of concrete floor scrapers is no exception. Their walk-behind scrapers are top-of-the-line tough and efficient, making it easy to remove coatings and hard surfaces like carpet, glues, amstic, vinyl composition tile, vinyl asbestos tile, ceramics, hardwoods, motor mixes, and thick caked mud.

The walk-behind floor scrapers from DiamaPro® Systems are available in both self-propelled and manually-pushed models and they are the tool of choice for many professional contractors for both medium and large commercial renovation projects.

Scraper Blades

Niagara Machine offers all the carpet and scraper blades you need for your scraping and coating removal projects, and in a wide variety of sizes. It’s always a good idea to have a stock of replacement blades so you never have to wait on one to complete a project.


Niagara Machine also carries a wide selection of tooling for your concrete grinding equipment including PDCs, bars, buttons, 6 SEGS, 10 SEGS, hybrids, and resins for all major walk-behind grinders from major brands including DiamaPro® and Lavina.

Polishes and Chemicals

In addition to scraper blades and tooling for your floor scrapers, Niagara Machine also stocks a full inventory of concrete chemicals from DiamaPro® Systems, Prosoco and AmeriPolish for all of your polishing and surface preparation needs. Whether you need UV coating protection or joint repair, color , slurry clean-up, seal and protect, repair, and moisture control - you’ll find them at Niagara Machine.

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  • SCR-84 SCR-84 feature call outs SCR-84 animated GIF

    SCR-84 Walk-Behind Floor Scraper

    DiamaPro Systems walk-behind floor scraper. Reliable, easy to use and great for any size job. From residential floor removal to light commercial use, the SCR-84 floor scraper removes most lightweight floor coverings including carpet, glues &...

  • SCR-394 SCR-394 - Side SCR-394 - Front SCR-394 - Dismantles SCR-394 - feature call outs

    SCR-394 Walk-Behind Floor Scraper

    New walk-behind floor scraper from DiamaPro Systems.  FEATURES: High performance walk behind scraper Self-propelled forward and reverse Forward speed control with full speed reverse Simple and robust components for long service life and less...

  • BRB-2600


    The BRB-2600 is a ride-on floor scraper that runs on LPG (vapor). This revolutionary machine is designed to tackle the toughest projects. It makes removing a wide range of materials faster, easier, and more efficient than using jack hammers or hand...

  • BRB-1600 angle view


    The BRB-1600 is a battery-powered, ride-on floor scraper. This state-of-the-art machine is all electric with zero emissions. It makes removing a wide range of materials faster, easier and more efficient than those out-of-date jack hammers and hand...

  • BRB-3000 Scraper

    BRB-3000 Ride-On Floor Scraper

    The BRB-3000 is an ultra-quiet, battery powered, ride-on floor scraper with an operating life of up to 15 hours on a single charge. The zero emission BRB-3000 can be operated in inhabited areas, including office buildings, airports, and food processing...

  • Tile Blades Tile Blades

    Tile Blades

    The scraper blade choices have some flex that allow you to remove most unwanted flooring. Prime examples include: VCT, VAT, wood, tile, rubber epoxy, elastomeric coatings, scraping thinset or glued ceramic. The blade thickness (available in .094" or...

    $19.00 - $55.00
  • Carpet Blades Carpet Blades

    Carpet Blades

    This blade will stay sharper longer with a better overall performance then any other blade on the market. It can be used on a variety of flooring including: VCT, VAT, wood, tile rubber epoxy, elastomeric coatings, coatings, scraping...

    $32.00 - $43.00
  • BRB-4500 with propane tank BRB-4500 without propane tank

    BRB-4500 Ride-On Concrete Floor Scraper

    BlastPro's BRB-4500: The Big Red Beast is a LPG powered ultra high-capacity ride-on floor scraper. This revolutionary machine is designed to tackle the toughest projects with unmatched production. The BRB-4500 combines 77 horsepower with 3,600...

  • BRB-2800 scraper without propane tank


    BlastPro BRB-2800 is a ride-on floor scraper that runs on LPG (liquid propane gas). This revolutionary machine is designed to tackle the toughest projects and makes removing a wide range of materials faster, easier and more effective than those out of...

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