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Transitional and Hybrid Diamonds

DiamaPro Systems and Lavina by Superabrasive has the transitional and hybrid diamond tooling that you need for your professional concrete grinding, cutting concrete, and concrete polishing jobs. DiamaPro and  Lavina by Superabrasive’s diamond tooling is specifically designed for polishing both wet and dry concrete and overlayments. These cutting, grinding, and polishing pads are universally designed to fit any planetary or rotary style ginders, power trowel systems, or hand grinders. The grit on this transitional and hybrid diamond tooling ranges from a very coarse 30 grit to an ultra-fine 300 grit. The concrete grinding diamond selection from DiamaPro Systems and  Lavina by Superabrasive is expansive and includes the right concrete polishing pads for any desired polish level your job requires.

High Quality Tooling 

There are several sought after features of the transitional and hybrid bond diamond polishing pads from DiamaPro Systems and Lavina by Superabrasive that make them such a popular choice amongst professional restoration contractors. These polishing pads feature large channels on the outward face of the pad. This helps to keep the diamond tooling at a cooler temperature which increases the efficiency and lifespan of each of your pads.

Beyond their large channel design, DiamaPro and Lavina by Superabrasive’s polishing pads are also manufactured with a density mixture of metals and resin. This makes them the perfect concrete grinding and concrete polishing companions for heavier machines like a ride on grinder or a floor grinder.

At the base of the pad, you will find a high quality phenolic resin that boosts the cutting power of the polishing pad. These polishing pads are highly adaptable which is an essential quality in any high grade concrete polishing pad or any kind of diamond tooling. Their beveled edges allow for easy maneuvering on and over any higher joints.

This high quality manufacturing of the hybrid pads from DiamaPro and Lavina by Superabrasive make the transitional stage of your polishing jobs more efficient and effective. They are the industry leading standard in the “scratch mark removal” category within the transitional polishing phase.

Efficient Polishing at Lower Speeds

Higher gloss at lower grits. That’s a feature that highlights the expertise of DiamPro Systems and Lavina by Superabrasive when it comes to designing efficient diamond tooling. These pads will not only give your concrete floors a higher quality shine, they will do it at a lower speed, extending both your battery life or fuel level, as well as extending the life of the pad.

There is just no better choice for diamond tooling for your concrete polishing and cutting concrete jobs. If you want your concrete floors to look the best - you have to use the best.

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  • h20 puck group h20 puck front h20 puck yellow h20 puck blue h20 puck orange

    Resin/Hybrid Polishing Pucks

    A great new and improved addition to the DiamaPro Systems' Precision Diamond Tooling Line! DT-H2OPUCKs are designed for wet use as resins and hybrids for polishing. Ideal for any jobsite, including those running grinders wet, as well as power trowels...

  • super hybrid group Super Hybrid Polishing Puck Super Hybrid Polishing Puck

    Super Hybrid Polishing Puck

    New hybrid added to DiamaPro Systems' PPUCK line of dry resins. This particular puck has a modified matrix from the other PPUCK hybrids. This new matrix is designed to be more aggressive than the normal PPUCK line.

  • copper hybrid puck DT-CP3 DT-CP3-30 front and back DT-CP3-50 front and back DT-CP3-100 front and back

    Copper Hybrid Puck

    New addition to the DiamaPro Systems’ Precision Diamond Tooling product line. These 3" copper pucks are 7 mm thick, Velcro-backed tools that act as a very aggressive hybrid tool. They can be used on Ride-On floor grinders, or walk behind floor...

  • hybrid pad 50 grit pad 100 grit pad 200 grit pad 400 grit pad

    Suprashine 5" Hybrid Tools

    A complete range of tools from 50 grit to 3000 grit designed to restore surfaces - eliminate stains, scratches and orange peel, and achieve a smooth surface. Suitable for concrete, terrazzo and natural stone. Use with low speed machines and water...

  • transitional diamond group 3" Transitional Diamond 3" Transitional Diamond

    3" Transitional Diamond

    3" Transitional Diamond. Cuts like metal bonds but without the damage. Transitional diamond tools ensure a smooth transition between metal and resin bond diamond tools. Remove scratches effectively.  

  • Heavy Duty Super Thick Discs Heavy Duty Super Thick Discs front Heavy Duty Super Thick Discs front and back

    Heavy Duty Super Thick Discs

    Heavy Duty Superthick floor polishing disc. Designed to withstand the weight of even the heaviest machines. Add weights if using on lighter machines as the HD resin pads are not suitable for use with light grinding machines (under 25-inch). Use the...

  • Heavy Duty Copper Discs Heavy Duty Copper Discs

    Heavy Duty Copper Discs

    The HD Copper bond with a rubber layer Offers outstanding results on concrete as the initial grinding steps, especially on big box store projects! They offer fast and aggressive cutting with a smooth scratch pattern & long tool life...

  • Flexible Electroplated Pads Flexible Electroplated Pad group

    Flexible Electroplated Pads

    Our flexible electroplated pads are ideal for fine grinding and honing of natural stone, engineered stone, and fine wood surfaces, but they perform best on softer natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx. They can be used...

    $8.00 - $69.00
  • razor ceramic pad

    Razor Ceramic Pads

    RAZOR ceramic pads are designed to be as aggressive as a cup wheel, yet as flexible as a hand pad. A special ceramic bond makes this too an excellent choice for shaping and smoothing hard stones, and for preparing edges for polishing. Use RAZOR for...

    $29.90 - $39.10
  • Calibra Ceramic Discs calibra ceramic disc

    Calibra Ceramic Discs

    Calibra hybrid-bond "ceramic" tooling is an excellent transition tool between metals and resins. Designed for hard concrete only, this special tool is highly skilled at removing scratches and may even allow operators to skip some initial resin steps...

    $28.00 - $37.00
  • 3-Step Concrete Polishing System - front 3-Step Concrete Polishing System - step one 3-Step Concrete Polishing System - step two 3-Step Concrete Polishing System - step three 3-Step Concrete Polishing System - all steps

    3-Step Concrete Polishing System

    Lavina 3-step concrete polishing system Check out yet another one of the impressive concrete polishing systems from Lavina! This 3-step system is designed for polishing concrete in three easy steps. Floor should be cut to 120 grit metal or hybrid...

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