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Floor Burnishers

Niagara Machine is your trusted supplier of high-speed floor burnishers. When you need high productivity from your floor cleaning maintenance on your vinyl composite tile flooring, polished concrete, and terrazzo floors - Niagara Machine has the equipment, parts, and supplies you need to complete the job. Our full selection of walk-behind and ride-on floor burnishers empowers you to burnish floors up to 33,000 square feet per hour. 

As a professional contractor, you likely know that dirt is the number one offender of surface damage to the concrete floors you work hard to maintain. Dirt and grime build-up combined with and further entrenched by sustained foot traffic can result in a dull and dirty appearance. Foot traffic alone can generate more than 1.2lbs of dirt every week, which is why regular burnishing is so important. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your concrete floor surfaces is how you keep them safe, clean, and sanitary. 

Top Brands 

Utilizing powerful janitorial equipment from names like Lavina, NSS, and DiamaPro Systems is how you make sure your hard surface and finished floors are in top condition. These industrial equipment brands offer battery-powered and propane-powered floor burnishers in both walk-behind and ride-on models that are the highest tier of quality in the industry. You are bound to find the right one for your hard floor surface maintenance needs, whether that's the eForce ride-on burnisher from NSS or a walk-behind burnisher from DiamaPro or Lavina. 

The DiamaPro Systems 27” propane walk-behind burnisher is one of the most popular models we stock. Need something bigger? The Lavina 36” is a great choice with a wider footprint that has enough power and reach to burnish any large finished floor. Both of these burnishers are preferred tools by professionals tasked with maintaining large surface area environments like big box retail stores, schools, commercial office space, and warehouses. 


Niagara isnt just an equipment supplier, we also stock a full line of products for your floor maintenance needs. From guards and densifiers to pads and micro-fibers Niagara has everything you need to maintain your concrete, terrazzo, or VCT floor. Our burnishing pads are manufactured from high-porosity fiber for consistency, and durability. We stock a variety of options from Heat pads to hogs hair.

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  • Demon Floor Machine Demon Floor Machine Right Dust Port demon call outs

    Demon Floor Machine

    The DiamaPro Demon is a single speed machine that performs ExtraHeavy-Duty scrubbing, stripping and surface preparation on all hard floors. Utilizing a floating head design insures 100% pad contact at all times. Being able to disconnect the handle...

    $1,513.00 - $3,713.00
  • 27" burnisher right side view 27" burnisher front view 27" burnisher left side with bag burnisher polishing warehouse floor muffler heat shield

    27" Propane Burnisher

    The DiamaPro 27" Propane Burnisher is perfect for hard to reach areas. Comes Standard with dust control that removes up to 92% of air particulates. The DiamaPro Systems propane burnisher are designed for comfort, safety, durability, and performance...

  • LB36G-S Burnisher LB36G-S control LB36G-S base LB36G-S tank LB36G-S in action

    LB36G-S Burnisher

    Lavina LB36G-S Planetary Polisher  Reduce your time on the job site with this super efficient and versatile floor machine! LB36G-S can be used for floor restoration and maintenance, honing, polishing and burnishing. 36-inch propane...

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