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Our wide range of products caters to various applications related to concrete grinding, surface preparation, and restoration. Whether it's commercial floor cleaners or repair and overlay materials for industrial facility maintenance, we've got you covered. We carry DiamaPro Systems' line of chemicals infused with Microban® product protection to prevent the growth of harmful microbes, stains, and odors caused by bacteria.

To ensure you have everything you need from prep to polish, browse through our selection of concrete floor preparation and restoration chemicals, including guards, densifiers, cleaners, dyes, joint fill, and concrete slurry solutions. Don't forget to check out UV-cured floor coatings from DiamaPro Systems.

For concrete staining, cleaning, sealing, and treatment, take a look at our industrial sprayers. We offer a wide range of accessories to complement our concrete floor chemicals, so you can start and finish your job with ease.

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  • UV-HS UV-HS 5 gallon UV-HS Plus UV-HS classroom floor UV-HS Plus

    UV-HS Plus

    DiamaPro Systems' UV-HS Plus is a durable, chemical and stain resistant urethane UV-cured floor coating that protects concrete from physical, chemical and microbial attack and wear. It’s the perfect solution for commercial, industrial, retail and...

  • Diama-ESD 5 gallon bucket diama-esd in computer lab


    The DiamaPro Systems' ESD Floor System is an effective, economic static control coating. For manufacturers and building supervisors who require ESD flooring, there’s now an option that enables them to obtain complete static control protection at...

  • slurry sponge 35lb bucket

    Slurry Sponge

    DiamaPro Systems Slurry Sponge is a proprietary economical blend of drying polymers and bentonite clays. This slurry solidification agent can be used with water, water / cement slurry, silt and many water-borne paints that...

    $30.00 - $200.00
  • diama-aggregate bucket


    Angular Broadcast AggregateDiamaPro® Traction Additive is a proprietary blend of extremely hard, angular aggregate to enhance the slip resistance of the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus System or other resinous systems. DiamaPro Traction Additive is...

  • moisture-control-plus-5gal

    Moisture Control Plus

    DiamaPro® Moisture Control is a water-based penetrating sealer that provides a unique internal barrier that controls moisture vapor that has a negative effect on topically applied coatings, moisture sensitive flooring systems...

  • diamajoint fill group 600ml cartridge side diamajoint fill 10 gallon diamatint swatch chart

    DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Technology

    *DiamaTint Color Pack is included in 10 Gallon Unit price and comes unblended with kit* DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio (custom colors) A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material...

    $52.00 - $680.00
  • DiamaJoint Fill part A and part B DiamaJoint Fill part A DiamaJoint Fill Part B

    DiamaJoint Fill without Microban® Technology

    DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus without Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material formulated to withstand the abuse of forklift traffic while supporting the shoulders of control joints in...

  • diamagrout all sizes diama-grout 2 gal unit diama-grout cartridge diama-grout warehouse diama-grout application


    DiamaPro DiamaGrout is a high strength, rapid setting resinous concrete repair material. Its low viscosity formula enables it to be used to repair a multitude of concrete defects. Spalled concrete, cracked concrete, small surface spalling and pin...

    $54.00 - $775.00
  • Diama-Hard one and five gallons Diama-Hard one gallon container Diama-Hard five gallon container


    DiamaPro® DiamaHard silicate hardener is a proprietary water-based non-film forming material that will increase the surface abrasion resistance of broom, trowel and polished concrete as well as integrally colored and dyed concrete. It penetrates just...

    $60.00 - $200.00
  • Diama-Grind & Seal 5 gallon bucket

    Diama-Grind & Seal

    DiamaPro® Diama-Grind & Seal is an acrylic, waterborne, high solids sealer formulated to be used in Grind and Seal applications. DiamaPro® DiamaGrind & Seal brings out a “wet look” and the natural beauty of a ground concrete...

  • 47074-05GAL


    DensiKure cures and densifies new concrete in one step. PROSOCO® DensiKure densifies and cures newly placed, smooth, steel-trowel-finished concrete in one application. This combination of a high-performance hardener/densifier with a...

  • RTA-5 gal bucket

    Rooftop Armor

    WATERPROOFING TREATMENT FOR CONCRETE AND MASONRY Ameripolish® Rooftop Armor™ Waterproofing Treatment is a long-lasting treatment that provides water repellency to any concrete surface, helping to prevent staining and water damage. Rooftop...

  • CFE2000-1GAL & 5GAL CFE2000-1GAL

    CFE 2000

    HIGH PERFORMANCE MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER Ameripolish® CFE 2000 is our latest cleaning solution designed to break down the toughest and most troublesome stains. CFE 2000 is very effective in environments where other aggressive chemicals are...

    $51.58 - $257.89
  • ecohard ms plus 5gal

    Eco-Hard MS PLUS

    MONO-SILICATE DENSIFIER WITH HIGHER SOLIDS Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS Mono-silicate Densifier improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS dust proofs, hardens, and...

  • DiamaTLC-select_5Gal

    Diama-TLC Select

    DiamaPro® Diama-TLC Select is a blend of organic chemistries and pigment producing a chemically reactive bond coloring agent for properly prepared concrete substrates. DiamaPro® Diama-TLC Select is a quick...

  • diamaguard-hg plus group Diama-Guard HG Plus 1 gal Diama-Guard HG Plus 5 gal diamaguard hg plus warehouse

    Diama-Guard HG Plus

    DiamaPro® Diama-Guard HG Plus is a proprietary water-borne protective coating for interior floors. Infused with Microban, an anti-microbial additive, it protects surfaces against stains and etching while minimizing the growth and bacterial and fungal...

    $100.00 - $400.00
  • Diama-Guard PSR Plus group Diama-Guard PSR Plus 1 gal Diama-Guard PSR Plus 5 gal

    Diama-Guard PSR Plus

    DiamaPro® Diama-Guard PSR Plus is a penetrating, hydrophobic, non-film-forming water and stain repellant for dyed and conventional polished or troweled concrete infused with Microban® Technologies anti-microbial additive. It protects against the...

    $160.00 - $700.00
  • diama-cut 5 gallon


    Diama-Cut will reduce the amount of time spent obtaining the desired level of aggregate exposure, shortening the overall cutting time along with extending the life of the tooling. When using DiamaPro® Diama-Cut, the produced slurry solids are lifted...

  • PSE 1 and 5 gallon containers PSE 1 gallon container PSE 5 gallon container

    PSE Paver Sealer Enhancer

    Ameripolish® PSE Paver Sealer Enhancer is a water-based, high-performance polymer that forms a breathable barrier that protects cementitious materials from salts, stains, dirt, oils, and moisture. It has been formulated to rejuvenate and enhance the...

    $52.18 - $260.39
  • 3D SP E Stain Protector Enhanced 3D SP E Stain Protector Enhanced 3D SP E Stain Protector Enhanced

    3D SP E Stain Protector Enhanced

    Ameripolish® 3D SP E™ is a breathable semi-penetrating/semitopical sealer that helps to protect surfaces against stains and etching. 3D SP E™ creates a water-resistant barrier that prevents liquids from infiltrating the surface,...

    $61.96 - $309.79
  • SR² Plus 1 and 5 Gallon SR² Plus 1 Gallon SR² Plus 5 Gallon

    SR² Plus

    FULLY PENETRATING STAIN RESISTORAmeripolish® SR² Plus is a penetrating stain repellent specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed and non-dyed concrete from oil and water-based stains. The water and oil repelling qualities of SR²...

    $153.19 - $765.95
  • slurry scrub 5 gallon

    Slurry Scrub

    Slurry Scrub is specifically designed to clean dried concrete slurry from cutting and grinding equipment. It utilizes a state-of-the-art surfactant technology and a small molecular size to penetrate deep inside the pores of residual concrete. This unique...

  • SLURRY-SPLITTER 5 gallon bucket

    Slurry Splitter

    Slurry Splitter is a flocculant designed specifically for high pH water. Slurry Splitter captures and encapsulates suspended cement particles for quick settling and easy dewatering. The clear processed water can be recycled back into the tank for reuse...

  • Stain Slayer

    Stain Slayer

    HIGH PERFORMANCE COLOR-ETCH REMOVING SOLUTION Ameripolish® Stain Slayer is a spot-fixing solution designed to remove color-etching introduced with most troublesome stains. Stain Slayer is very effective in environments where other aggressive...

    $17.54 - $84.21
  • Rapid Set TRU SP - Grey and natural set Rapid Set TRU SP - Grey Rapid Set TRU SP - Natural

    Rapid Set TRU SP

    High Performance, Self-Leveling, Architectural Topping Salt and pepper finish.Outstanding clarity and gloss.Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 hours. TRU SP is a high-flow topping with a specialized aggregate that creates a salt and pepper appearance on...

  • MM80-P


    MM-80P was developed to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard wheeled material handling traffic and heavy loads. Its primary function is to support such traffic and protect joint edges from spalling. MM-80P is...

  • SR² Stain Resistor WB 1gallon and 5 gallon SR² Stain Resistor WB 1 gallon SR² Stain Resistor WB 5 gallon

    SR² Stain Resistor WB

    WATER-BASED FULLY PENETRATING STAIN RESISTOR Ameripolish® SR² WB is a water-based, penetrating stain repellent specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed and non-dyed concrete from oil and water-based stains. The water and oil...

    $73.33 - $366.67
  • First Cut with Densifier-5 gallon container

    First Cut with Densifier

    Grind and densify in one consolidated, easy step First Cut with Densifier allows you to grind and densify floors at the same time, making wet-grind and power-trowel polishing jobs faster and more efficient. Eliminates the need to wait for floors to be...

  • First Cut - 5 gallon container

    First Cut

    Lifts, suspends & clears concrete slurry solids. First Cut lifts concrete slurry solids away from the surface, suspends them, and clears the path for the diamond tooling. This puts more of the diamonds in contact with the concrete surface, enabling...

  • preklean 5 gallon container


    PreKlean is a concentrated cleaner for newly installed concrete floors. PreKlean removes laitance and residual surface salts often associated with blanket curing. Left on the concrete floor, these contaminants can interfere with the penetration, bond and...

  • durasheen group 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers


    DuraSheen is a fast-drying, high-gloss, durable protective treatment for pavers and horizontal concrete. It produces a tough, chemically resistant, glossy finish that guards against contaminants that can etch and stain hard surfaces. It protects floors...

    $267.46 - $269.04
  • X-Link E (WL) 1 gal and 5 gal X-Link E (WL) 1 gal X-Link E (WL) 5 gal

    X-Link E (WL)

    Ameripolish X-Link E (WL) is a modified urethane high-gloss sealer. Modified from the original X-Link WL , X-Link E (WL) provides a true wet look. X-Link E (WL) is extremely durable and and breathable from beneath the concrete. X-Link E (WL) is designed...

    $52.18 - $260.39
  • concrete protector SB 1 and 5 gallon containers concrete protector one gallon container concrete protector 5 gallon container

    Concrete Protector SB

    Solvent-based, low-odor penetrating water, oil & stain repellent Concrete Protector SB is a solvent-based, penetrating, reactive treatment that provides water, oil and stain repellency for every kind of finished concrete floor. It improves stain...

    $642.04 - $791.93
  • singlestep 5 gallon container


    SingleStep is an acrylic-silicone blend for curing and weatherproofing new and existing concrete in one easy step. SingleStep quickly penetrates to form a water-repellent gel in the pores and a semi-glossy film on the surface. This film helps keep...

  • concrete floor restorer one and five gallon containers concrete floor restorer one gallon container concrete floor restorer five gallon container

    Concrete Floor Restorer

    General purpose restoration cleaner for concrete floors Non-etching Consolideck Concrete Floor Restorer removes a wide variety of common stains and soiling from the oldest, dirtiest concrete floors. It will remove most old floor waxes, skid marks,...

    $296.64 - $339.82
  • Rejuvenating Cleaner Concentrate - Case of 10

    Rejuvenating Cleaner Concentrate - Case of 10

    Ameripolish® Rejuvenating Cleaner is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner that removes daily debris from hard surfaces, as well as reinforces the sealer to extend the life of polished concrete floors. Rejuvenating Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals,...

  • Rapid Set Cement All

    Rapid Set Cement All

    If your concrete repairs, restoration and new construction projects call for a fast-setting, high-strength, non-shrink grout, use Rapid Set® Cement All®. Cement All is your multipurpose product for general concrete repair, doweling and anchoring,...

  • Rapid Set Concrete Mix

    Rapid Set Concrete Mix

    For your concrete repair or restoration projects requiring fast strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage, use Rapid Set® Concrete Mix. A high-performance blend of Rapid Set® hydraulic cement and quality aggregates, Concrete Mix is your...

  • Rapid Set Skim Coat

    Rapid Set Skim Coat

    Rapid Set® SKIM COAT is a smooth (unsanded), fast curing, hydraulic cement-based floor underlayment. Use under flooring for concrete repairs, patching and skim coating on interior and exterior projects. Apply from featheredge to 1" (2.5 cm)...

  • Rapid Set TXP Fast Epoxy Primer - 1 and 3 Gallon units Rapid Set TXP Fast Epoxy Primer - 1 Gallon set Rapid Set TXP Fast Epoxy Primer - 3 Gallon

    Rapid Set TXP Fast Epoxy Primer

    When you need a high performance zero VOC epoxy primer for use with your finished TRU® Self Leveling flooring applications, use Rapid Set® TXP™ FAST. This two-component, alkali resistant epoxy primer has been specially formulated to...

    $229.17 - $467.50
  • Rapid Set Levelflor

    Rapid Set Levelflor

    Rapid Set Level Flor® is an advanced hydraulic cement based self-leveling Underlayment (SLU) that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and durable in wet and dry environments. LevelFlor offers a...

  • Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling - Gray and Natural Set Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling - Gray Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling - Natural

    Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling

    High Performance Architectural Topping in Natural and Gray Foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours. Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 hours.Polish to achieve outstanding clarity and gloss.Available in Natural and Gray colors. TRU®...

    $3,095.50 - $3,257.50
  • tru-pc gray tru-pc natural

    Rapid Set TRU PC

    Choose Rapid Set® TRU® PC when you need a high-flow topping that simulates polished concrete. TRU PC is an advanced hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This crack-resistant, durable,...

    $3,033.50 - $3,043.50
  • Penetrating Agent Plus

    Penetrating Agent Plus

    With the addition of Ameripolish Penetrating Agent, the acetone flash is delayed from 7-8 seconds to 30+ seconds, providing ample time for dyes to penetrate further into the concrete and additional decorative applications to be performed. For use with...

  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP - 1500 ML Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP - 10 Gallon Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP

    Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP

    Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP is a 100% solids, two component, high-density hydrophobic polyurethane expanding foam for use in underslab stabilization of deflecting/rocking concrete floor panels. Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP allows for return to service in 60...

    $394.98 - $715.00
  • Armor Hard HDR - 1 and 5 Gallon Kit
Armor Hard HDR - 1 Gallon Kit Armor Hard HDR - 5 Gallon Kit

    Armor Hard HDR

    Armor-Hard HDR Heavy Duty Resurfacing was designed to protect interior floors from heavy industrial traffic (specifically, steel-wheeled carts and forklift trucks), making it ideally suited for industrial floors and anywhere a clean, durable floor...

    $119.17 - $311.67
  • Armor Hard Liquid 1 Gallon Unit

    Armor Hard Liquid 1 Gallon Unit

    ARMOR-HARD 1 gallon is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy system with early set properties. ARMOR-HARD was developed specifically for the repair of industrial concrete floors subject to hard-wheeled traffic. ARMORHARD's primary use is in...

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