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Eco-Hard MS PLUS

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Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS Mono-silicate Densifier improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS dust proofs, hardens, and cures the targeted surface in order to protect against dusting, pitting, spalling, and efflorescence that can be seen on untreated concrete. Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic.

  • Ideal for new or existing concrete.
  • Great for dustproofing.
  • Contains 40% solids.
  • Enhances polished color, gloss and clarity.
  • Minimizes dust for healthier indoor air quality.

Cost Performance

  • 4-5¢ PER SQ.FT
  • 250-300 SQ.FT PER GALLON
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