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Contractor Necessities

Niagara Machine is your one-stop surface prep shop for everything you could possibly need on your job site. From concrete grinders to garbage bags and everything in between. 

Our number one priority is ensuring you have the correct equipment, tools, and accessories. The proper surface prep essentials make all the difference between a successful job and a disaster. With the concrete prep accessories from Niagara, you be sure your project runs smoothly so you can move quickly on to the next one! 

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  • Sprayers Sprayers Sprayers Sprayers


    3 different sprayer options: 10 Liter Industrial, 1.5 Liter Industrial, and 1.5 Liter Acetone. Industrial Sprayers are designed to use with guards, densifiers, and dye mixed with water. The Acetone Sprayer is for use with dyes mixed with acetone.

    $19.50 - $49.00
  • 90540-6C Basic Earmuff

    90540-6C Basic Earmuff

    3M Earmuff is used to help protect ears against noises at or exceeding 85 decibels. 3M Earmuff is an economical choice in hearing protection that does not compromise comfort and quality. 3M Earmuff is a great choice in hearing protection for both the...

  • Gas Powered Portable Generator Gas Powered Portable Generator

    Gas Powered Portable Generator

    20V 20 amp single phase - 240V/120V 30 amp single phase240V 50 amp single phase - 480V 30 amp 3 phase - 240V 50 amp 3 phase The DP-GEN-18KW generator is a robust, powerful, and reliable solution for providing power to equipment and tools:...

  • mohs test kit

    Mohs' Hardness Test Kit

    Moh's Hardness Test Kit for Industrial Use Use this kit for "scratch testing" substances to determine their Hardness according to the Mohs' Hardness scale, which ranges from 1 to 10. How do you use the hardness picks? Scratch a smooth surface of your...

  • Contractor Hand Masker

    Contractor Hand Masker

    BLADE SOLD SEPARATELY For contractor use Prep 3x faster Masker attaches tape to the edges of either film or paper, allowing a painter to easily mask off large areas. This masking hand tool designed for simple and efficient use Attaches tape to the...

  • Warner ProGrip 6-in-1 Steel Head Glazer

    Warner ProGrip 6-in-1 Steel Head Glazer

    The ProGrip 6-in-1 Glazier Knife is part of Warner's premium professional line of putty knives and scrapers. All ProGrip tools come in red for a stiff blade, blue for a flexible blade, yellow for a fully flexible blade. The scraper has a strong chiseled...

  • Trimaco Easy Mask Tape and Drape

    Trimaco Easy Mask Tape and Drape

    Easy Mask Tape & Drape with PerfectEdge Tape 1.8m x 22m - pack of 6 Trimaco's Easy Mask Tape and Drape Pre-taped Masking Film is perfect protection for use in areas where straight lines are needed. Tape is applied along one edge of 0.5 mil...

  • Shurtape PE444 Red Stucco Tape

    Shurtape PE444 Red Stucco Tape

    Carrier/backing: polyethylene film. Adhesive: synthetic rubber Service/operating temperature: 32F to 160F Thickness: 7 mils (carrier, adhesive) Adhesion: 80 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel). tensile strength: 19 pounds per inch...

  • Dynamic Recycled White Wiping Cloths

    Dynamic Recycled White Wiping Cloths

    Dynamic #10 8lb box of recycled white wiping cloths.  Washed, recycled absorbent cotton knits. All purpose clean up rag. The painter’s choice for painting, staining and cleaning.

  • Dynamic 2" Premium Blue Masking Tape

    Dynamic 2" Premium Blue Masking Tape

    A dark blue, crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight for up to 14 days. Exhibits secure adhesion and easy, clean removal from most surfaces. Conformable. Consistent, easy...

  • 3M Corded Ear Plugs

    3M Corded Ear Plugs

    Soft, corded earplugs conform to the unique shape of each ear for excellent hearing protection and comfort. Comfortable, cloth cord helps prevent earplug loss. Tapered design fits comfortably in the ear canal and offers a smooth, dirt-resistant surface...

  • Shoe In Spiked Shoe for Resinous Coatings

    Shoe In Spiked Shoe for Resinous Coatings

    No more frustration with straps, buckles, and adjustments. Just step right in to Shoe-In Spikes and get to work. Immediately after putting Shoe-In Spikes on your feet, you’ll notice you have increased stability and added flexibility when you do...

    $55.32 - $172.98
  • Racatac with Chest Support (w/ 3" casters)

    Racatac with Chest Support (w/ 3" casters)

    FREE UP BOTH HANDS with RACATAC.  Its Innovative Design Supports Your Body In Most All Natural Kneeling Positions The RACATAC with 3" casters protects and supports knees and back. Takes pressure off of wrists and feet. The RACATAC™...

  • Nyalox Wheels Nyalox Wheels Nyalox Wheels

    Nyalox Wheels

    These Nyalox wheel brushes are perfect for a variety of uses. They are safer to use and last longer than traditional wire brushes. They can be attached and used with any portable drill, they outlast wire wheels ten to one. These are a must-have job...

    $9.29 - $12.49
  • Magna-Broom


    25" magnetic broom.  Magna-Brooms are designed to help keep work areas cleaner and safer. They make cleaning up steel shot quick and easy. 

  • 24” Gauge Rake Frame w/ handle

    24” Gauge Rake Frame w/ handle

    24” wide solvent-resistant aluminum frame, 66” yellow powder coated aluminum handle with 6” black non-slip vinyl grip gusset bracing. A patented “goof-proof” tool which applies a range of materials at a precise, specified,...

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