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DiamaPro Systems

DiamaPro Systems' concrete repair and overlay products are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial floors. DiamaPro Systems' repair products are easy to use, cost-efficient, and proven in a wide array of markets. 

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  • 600ml cartridge 600ml cartridge side 10 gallon kit diamatint swatch chart 10 gallon unit and 600ml cartridge

    DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Technology

    *DiamaTint Color Pack is included in 10 Gallon Unit price and comes unblended with kit* DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio (custom colors) A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material...

    $52.00 - $680.00
  • 10 gallon unit Part A - diama-joint 5 gal bucket Part B - diama-joint 5 gal bucket

    DiamaJoint Fill without Microban® Technology

    DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus without Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material formulated to withstand the abuse of forklift traffic while supporting the shoulders of control joints in...

  • diama-grout group diama-grout cartridge diama-grout warehouse diama-grout application diama-grout cartridge


    DiamaPro DiamaGrout is a high strength, rapid setting resinous concrete repair material. Its low viscosity formula enables it to be used to repair a multitude of concrete defects. Spalled concrete, cracked concrete, small surface spalling and pin...

    $54.00 - $775.00
  • Profile View of 600DB Cartridge Gun Side View of 600DB Cartridge Gun Top View View of 600DB Cartridge Gun

    600DB Cartridge Gun

    This is a 600ml cartridge gun for RS88, Rapid Refloor, and anything else in a 1:1 600ml cartridge. The design operates much smoother than competitor versions and proves superiority for anyone who uses cartridge guns on a daily basis.

  • Handheld Concrete Sprayers Handheld Concrete Sprayers Handheld Concrete Sprayers Handheld Concrete Sprayers Handheld Concrete Sprayers

    Handheld Concrete Sprayers

    Concrete chemical sprayers, also known as concrete sealer sprayers or concrete coating sprayers, are specialized tools used for applying chemicals or sealants onto concrete surfaces. These sprayers are designed specifically for use in concrete...

    $19.50 - $49.00
  • DiamaPro Systems JSX-10 Joint Saw DP-JSX-4.5 feature call-outs

    DP-JSX-10 Joint Saw

    The DiamaPro 10” Joint Saw is engineered to be a powerful and mobile saw that outperforms the competition for cutting and cleaning out existing control joints. Producing zero emissions using a powerful electric power head and the integrated 2-inch...

  • DiamaPro DP-CSX-4.5 crack chaser saw DP-CSX-4.5 Crack Chaser Saw DP-CSX-4.5 feature call-outs

    DP-CSX-4.5 Crack Chaser Saw

    The DiamaPro Crack Chaser has several key features that makes it the most ideal crack chasing tool on the market. Increasing the productivity by getting the operator off their hands and knees, it also increases the operator’s safety. The swiveling...

8 of 8 Items