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DiamaJoint Fill without Microban® Technology

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DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus without Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio

A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material formulated to withstand the abuse of forklift traffic while supporting the shoulders of control joints in concrete slabs. Once installed, it can be shaved within 45 minutes and opened for traffic in less than one hour. Its low viscosity properties allow the material to flow into moderate width cracks protecting them from further impact damage. 


• Supports the shoulders of joints and cracks to minimize further edge spalling.
• Semi-rigid formulation to withstand vibration and slight joint movement while in service
• Moisture insensitive during and after cure
• Odorless with no toxic vapors
• Meets USGBC’s LEED® requirement of IEQ Credit 4.1
• Bond strength <400 psi. Designed to release from the joint face minimizing stress on the concrete shoulder while incurring high levels of joint movement or concrete shrinkage.
• Durable and will not smear when polished.

10 Gallon Unit
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