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Joint & Crack-Chasers

Joint Clean-Out Saws and Crack-Chasing Saws from DiamaPro Systems are important accessories to have on concrete repair and overlay job sites. These saws are ideal for the DIY-er as well as the concrete industrial flooring professional. Use these machines to clean out existing control joints, remove old joint fill material that needs to be replaced, and route out random cracks in concrete surfaces.

DiamaPro Systems walk-behind concrete saws are durable enough for any job and easy to use. They provide high accuracy and production rates as well as excellent dust control. 

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  • DiamaPro Systems JSX-10 Joint Saw JSX-10 feature call outs

    DP-JSX-10 Joint Saw

    The DiamaPro 10” Joint Saw is engineered to be a powerful and mobile saw that outperforms the competition for cutting and cleaning out existing control joints. Producing zero emissions using a powerful electric power head and the integrated 2-inch...

  • DiamaPro DP-CSX-4.5 crack chaser saw blade saw group DiamaPro DP-CSX-4.5 crack chaser saw call outs

    DP-CSX-4.5 Crack Chaser Saw

    The DiamaPro Crack Chaser has several key features that makes it the most ideal crack chasing tool on the market. Increasing the productivity by getting the operator off their hands and knees, it also increases the operator’s safety. The swiveling...

2 of 2 Items