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Interior Concrete Stains & Dyes

Transform your dull standard gray concrete into a bright colorful floor using a translucent interior concrete floor dye.  It can change a newly poured surface, or a worn-out old gray floor into a vibrant, easy-to-maintain surface.  Stains and dyes penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete to ensure a long-lasting, bright color. Color won't peel, flake, or walk off.  It is safe to use in preoccupied rooms and spaces.  It can be used with a stencil to create beautiful single and multicolor, vibrant patterns, logos, and designs.  Add your company logo to the entrance of your office, create a design on your garage floor, and hide old grease and dirt stains, the opportunities when using stains and dyes are endless. 

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  • diamacolor one gal diama-color color chart


    DiamaPro DiamaColor is a proprietary micro dye formulated to penetrate and impart color within the polished concrete process. DiamaPro DiamaColor is enhanced with a penetrating aid to ensure as much of the dye absorbs into the polished concrete surface...

  • edge-tint-kit edge-tint-part-A edge-tint-part-B color chart

    Edge Tint Colorant Kit

    Colorant for edges and borders.  Ameripolish® Edge Tint provides wall-to-wall color options for border striping and edging areas that are difficult to grind and polish. Ameripolish® Edge Tint is a mixture of proprietary non-yellowing...

  • Penetrating Agent Plus

    Penetrating Agent Plus

    With the addition of Ameripolish Penetrating Agent, the acetone flash is delayed from 7-8 seconds to 30+ seconds, providing ample time for dyes to penetrate further into the concrete and additional decorative applications to be performed. For use with...

  • GemTone Stain GemTone Stain

    GemTone Stain

    Consolideck® GemTone Stain transforms dull grey concrete into decorative, low maintenance finished concrete flooring. Apply penetrating GemTone Stains to concrete before hardening/densifying with Consolideck LS, then apply Consolideck LSGuard to...

    $71.60 - $286.35
  • Classic Dye Classic Dye Classic Dye Classic Dye Classic Dye

    Classic Dye

    Originally designed specifically for polished and exposed concrete, the AmeriPolish Classic dyes penetrate into the surface of the concrete slab for extremely long lasting color that will not wear from daily usage. Classic dyes can be used as a base...

    $10.44 - $262.28
  • Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based

    Dye-N-Seal Solvent-Based

    Dye-N-Seal Pro SB Concrete Dye System is for professional decorative concrete installers. The product was formulated to penetrate and color most interior concrete surfaces. Dye-N-Seal Dye can be used as a stand-alone color application on concrete or...

    $9.91 - $249.18
  • Dye-N-Seal Water-Based Dye-N-Seal Water-Based

    Dye-N-Seal Water-Based

    Dye-N-Seal WB is a UV resistant interior concentrated colorant that is mixed with water on-site for easy use. Coverage rates will vary significantly based on the porosity of the concrete. Expect approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon for the first...

    $9.91 - $249.18
  • SureLock Dye SureLock Dye SureLock Dye SureLock Dye

    SureLock Dye

    Ameripolish® SureLock™ Dye is part of the three-component SureLock™ Color System designed specifically for coloring and polishing concrete floors. To obtain optimum performance, all three components system, SureLock Dye, SureLock™...

    $10.44 - $262.28
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