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DiamaPro DiamaColor is a proprietary micro dye formulated to penetrate and impart color within the polished concrete process. DiamaPro DiamaColor is enhanced with a penetrating aid to ensure as much of the dye absorbs into the polished concrete surface as possible. UV buffers have been infused into the formula to retain bright and true colors. This is the perfect selection for adding color to a polished concrete surface or in a “dye and seal” process.

Coverage rate is approximately 400-600 sqft/gal

• One component liquid formula – mix and use with no waiting
• Can be mixed with water or a VOC exempt solvent
• Can be sealed with DiamaPro® UV-HS Plus – a UV cured aliphatic urethane
• Can be induced into DiamaHard to densify, harden and color in one step
• Contains UV buffers to enhance color stability


1 Gallon
Coverage Rate:
400-600 sq.ft./gal
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