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Niagara Machine is a master distributor of concrete surface prep equipment. Get everything you need for your concrete prep job in one place. 

From prep to polish, Niagara Machine has the concrete prep equipment to get your job finished. We have a complete selection of electric and propane, and even remote-controlled floor grinders. We also offer DiamaPro Systems' ride-on grinder, the ROG-60 that's capable of both concrete grinding and polishing concrete at a high level. This ride-on grinder is flexible, lightweight, durable,  easy to use and maintain, and can be ran wet or dry!

For other methods of coating removal and surface preparation, we have a great selection of shot blasters and scrapers. We have various ride-on and walk-behind shot blasters and scrapers in battery, electric, or propane. We understand that not all job sites have the same requirements, so we have a wide variety of equipment to meet any and all needs!

Don't forget dust collection. We didn't! We have HEPA-filtered vacs, air scrubbers, replacement filters, vac accessories, and slurry containment solutions. 

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