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Speedi Edge

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The Speedi Edge is a simple device that will transform your standard angle grinder or polisher into an effective planer! It is available in two sizes! The Speedi Edge Mini fits the DiamaPro Systems HGX-5 5" hand grinder and most other 5 inch hand grinders. The Speedi Edge Max fits the DiamaPro Systems HGX-7 7" hand grinder and most other 7 inch hand grinders.

Simply attach your grinder to the Speedi Edge using the 2 supplied bolts. The 2 spherical bearings on the Speedi Edge are to help you reach the angled fixations you may find on some machines. The last step is to calibrate the Speedi Edge/Hand Grinder assembly:

  • Place on flat surface
  • Press the head of your grinder with one hand
  • Release the brake
  • Position the block against the back of the grinder


*Handgrinder not included*



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