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Concrete preparation, application and maintenance accessories all in one place. Check out our selection of maintenance pads, chemicals, application tools, and everything you need for an efficient concrete repair and restoration job. 

Whether you are starting a professional job in a large warehouse facility, or a DIY-floor grinding project, we have the necessities and supplies to help you along the way. Our extensive product catalog includes floor squeegees and extension poles, microfiber pads, spiked shoes for resinous coatings, concrete hardness test kits, industrial and contractor chemical sprayers, and more! 

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  • speedi-edge mini Speedi Edge speedi-edge mini with hgp-5 speedi-edge max with hgx-7 speedi-edge mini action

    Speedi Edge

    The Speedi Edge is a simple device that will transform your standard angle grinder or polisher into an effective planer! It is available in two sizes! The Speedi Edge Mini fits the DiamaPro Systems HGX-5 5" hand grinder and most other 5 inch hand...

    $260.00 - $280.00
  • microfiber pad group 36" microfiber pad

    Microfiber Applicator Pads

    Microfiber applicator pads available in 18-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch.  These microfiber pads are perfect for applying densifier and concrete polishing guards. Clean dust, dirt, bacteria, stains and micro-particles from any hard surface...

    $3.75 - $49.90
  • Profile View of 600DB Cartridge Gun Side View of 600DB Cartridge Gun Top View View of 600DB Cartridge Gun

    600DB Cartridge Gun

    This is a 600ml cartridge gun for RS88, Rapid Refloor, and anything else in a 1:1 600ml cartridge. The design operates much smoother than competitor versions and proves superiority for anyone who uses cartridge guns on a daily basis.

  • Black Floor Stripping Pad

    Black Floor Stripping Pad

    Black floor stripping pads are very aggressive stripping pads. It is designed to be used to wet strip a floor. High quality abrasive and materials make this an efficient tool for complete floor finish removal.

    $18.75 - $80.00
  • Heat Pad

    Heat Pad

    Burnish with Heat 90 degrees plus heat to bond your silicate coatings. Uses a unique heat shield and is two sided for twice the life. Has a special blend of natural & synthetic fibers.

    $32.50 - $295.00
  • Ultra White Finish Pad

    Ultra White Finish Pad

    White Polish floor pad. A non-abrasive dry polishing floor pad for slow speed floor machines. The White-Polish pad will level scratches for a high luster.

    $20.00 - $80.00
  • Infinity Bags Infinity Bags Infinity Bags Infinity Bags Infinity Bags

    Infinity Bags

    DiamaPro Continuous Infinity Bags - 4pk The Infinity Bag bagging system makes concrete dust disposal easy and convenient. It attaches to just about any dust collector or vacuum and securely holds all dust and debris. Infinity Bag liners help...

  • Straight Line 1000 Straight Line 1000 Straight Line 1000

    Straight Line 1000

    The Straight Line 1000™ uses two rolls of standard masking tape to simultaneously apply parallel borders quickly and easily from a standing position. The Straight Line 1000™ is designed to be used by ONE person without strenuous work on the...

  • Ultra Red Clean Pad

    Ultra Red Clean Pad

    Red-Auto Scrub/Light Clean floor pad. A light abrasive floor pad for light cleaning. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over. The pad can be used under automatic scrubber machines for nightly cleaning schedules.

    $25.00 - $30.00
  • 18" T-Bar Applicator

    18" T-Bar Applicator

    Heavyweight 18" T-Bar  Ideal tool to apply solvent and water-based self-leveling coatings and epoxies Flawless finish without streaks or bubbles Eliminates need to back roll Heavyweight model features solid steel tubing and is recommended for...

  • Work Gloves Work Gloves Work Gloves

    Work Gloves

    DiamaPro Systems high-performance work gloves are designed to provide ultimate durability and all day comfort. These work gloves are perfect for a variety of jobs.

  • concrete test kit open concrete test kit closed concrete test kit close up

    Concrete Hardness Test Kit

    Concrete Hardness Tester Kit for Industrial Use Utilizing the Moh's Hardness Scale A concrete hardness test kit, or what contractor's sometimes refer to as a concrete scratch test because you are scratching the concrete, is an essential tool to have on...

  • sparkle pad group sparkle-pad-front sparkle-pad-back

    Sparkle Pads

    DiamaPro Systems' Sparkle Maintenance Pads are the ideal solution for surface maintenance, cleaning and rejuvenation. They are available in various sizes and multiple grits to accommodate any job size and requirement. 

    $19.99 - $89.99
  • DiamaPro systems slurry spout

    Slurry Spout

    The Slurry Spout is a tool designed for transferring slurry from the collection equipment to the slurry sifter. It quick connects to a standard female 1/4” pressure washer wand. It features a very durable, heavy duty hose that is resistant to...

  • Slurry Vault

    Slurry Vault

    The Slurry Storage is used in conjunction with our Slurry Sifter, Slurry Splitter, Slurry Sponge, and Slurry Scrub products. These are all efficient and economical ways to streamline slurry management on larger power trowel polishing projects while also...

  • Diamapro systems slurry sifter

    Slurry Sifter

    This felt lined concrete slurry dewatering bag - the Slurry Sifter is 36″x36″x42″. The Slurry Sifter makes clean-up easy with its loop handles to slide onto and off of a forklift. It folds easily for storage. It has an open top and...

  • Gas Powered Portable Generator Gas Powered Portable Generator call outs

    Gas Powered Portable Generator

    20V 20 amp single phase - 240V/120V 30 amp single phase240V 50 amp single phase - 480V 30 amp 3 phase - 240V 50 amp 3 phase The DP-GEN-18KW generator is a robust, powerful, and reliable solution for providing power to equipment and tools:...

  • Speedi-Edge SU Speedi-Edge SU Speedi-Edge SU feature call outs Speedi-Edge SU in action Speedi-Edge SU in action close up

    Speedi-Edge SU

    The DiamaPro Systems Speedi-Edge SU is an affordable edge solution for smaller surface preparation projects. Simplifies working with edges, saving time and labor costs. It is designed to operate while standing, avoiding wear on knees and back. It’s...

  • SVX High Reach Kit

    SVX High Reach Kit

    The SVX vac extension wand can be used on all SVX vacs. It makes it easy to vacuum those hard to reach places. This extension wand is easily assembled. When not in use, the wand is easily disassembled and stored. This comes...

  • Mega Hippo PMH-80 Liner Mega Hippo PMH-80 Liner

    Mega Hippo PMH-80 Liner

    Removable Liner for MEGA HIPPOSave time and extend bucket life with a removable liner! Multiple Batch Mixing with Removable Liner Mixing multiple batches is easier and faster with the new removable liner and rimless bucket system. Mix consecutive...

  • Pelican Transport Cart Pelican Transport Cart

    Pelican Transport Cart

    The PORTAMIX Pelican Cart offers the user options to move and pour materials at the application area quickly and easily. The transport cart boosts productivity, lowers labor costs and reduces physical effort. 360˚ maneuverability and large handle...

  • Portamix Mega Hippo Portamix Mega Hippo Portamix Mega Hippo Portamix Mega Hippo

    Portamix Mega Hippo

    The Portamix Mega Hippo is a heavy-duty portable mixing station designed for various mixing applications. It is commonly used in construction, flooring, and industrial settings where large quantities of materials need to be mixed consistently and...

    $3,581.85 - $3,705.69
  • Warner ProGrip 6-in-1 Steel Head Glazer

    Warner ProGrip 6-in-1 Steel Head Glazer

    The ProGrip 6-in-1 Glazier Knife is part of Warner's premium professional line of putty knives and scrapers. All ProGrip tools come in red for a stiff blade, blue for a flexible blade, yellow for a fully flexible blade. The scraper has a strong chiseled...

  • Preval Sprayer Complete Unit

    Preval Sprayer Complete Unit

    Atomizes almost any liquid Disposable power unit Glass product reservoir is recyclable and reusable The Preval Airless Paint Sprayer is a professional spray system that is interchangeable for flexible use in a variety of applications. This spray...

  • Preval Glass Bottle

    Preval Glass Bottle

    Designed to withstand the impact of an 8 ft drop Includes a polypropylene safety cap The reservoir also safely stores volatile liquids such as varnishes, oils and paints without risk of leaching

  • Preval Power Unit

    Preval Power Unit

    The Preval Power Unit is a replacement power unit for the Preval Spray Gun, a professional spray system that is interchangeable for flexible use in a variety of applications. This power unit is able to atomize almost any liquid and offers a professional...

  • Honeywell Safety Glasses A700 Clear

    Honeywell Safety Glasses A700 Clear

    Tough polycarbonate lens is impact-resistant; lightweight wraparound style offers 180° field of distortion-free vision and extended side protection Flexible and lightweight temples; padded rubber tips for all-day comfort and improved grip; rests...

  • ASR Razor Blades 100pk

    ASR Razor Blades 100pk

    Precision ground high carbon steel knife blades Blade body has knock outs for securing in tool head Heavy duty carbon steel Long lasting world famous duro edge Great for paint prep glass scraping and box cutting Fits all window scrappers and box...

  • Shoe In Spiked Shoe for Resinous Coatings

    Shoe In Spiked Shoe for Resinous Coatings

    No more frustration with straps, buckles, and adjustments. Just step right in to Shoe-In Spikes and get to work. Immediately after putting Shoe-In Spikes on your feet, you’ll notice you have increased stability and added flexibility when you do...

    $55.32 - $172.98
  • EZ Finishing Pad EZ Finishing Pad

    EZ Finishing Pad

    DiamaPro EZ Finishing Pads in 13 and 27-inch.  Creates a remarkable EZ Finish on concrete Engineered to provide a brilliant shine when used with guard products Great for cleaning floors prior to sealing Won’t “load up” like...

    $38.17 - $104.25
  • 8" Blades (10pk) for Telescoping Razor

    8" Blades (10pk) for Telescoping Razor

    When the 8" Telescoping Scraper needs to have the blade replaced, these 8" scraper blades do the trick. By having extra blades on hand the job can continue without interruption. Thus saving you money in the long run. It is a heavy-duty, wide replaceable...

  • Crain Model 375 Tile 8" Telescoping Scraper

    Crain Model 375 Tile 8" Telescoping Scraper

    To help protect your workers' backs while preparing a floor us the 8" Telescopic Scraper. This telescopic handle 8" scraper is a stand-up model that saves a lot of crawling. The twist-lock adjustable telescoping handle starts at 36" extending to 59" to...

  • Static Mixers Static Mixers Static Mixers

    Static Mixers

    Order replacement static mixers for Metzger/ McGuire cartridges Available in Multiple size options MMSMS 24 ELEMENT STATIC MIXER FOR MMSP2C-450  MMSM24EL 24 ELEMENT 1/2" STATIC MIXER FOR MMSP2C-900  MMSM32EL 32 ELEMENT 1/2" STATIC MIXER...

    $2.92 - $3.25
  • Dual Cartridge Gun Dual Cartridge Gun Dual Cartridge Gun

    Dual Cartridge Gun

    Heavy duty steel gun that holds cartridges of Joint Filler and Concrete Repair products. These dual cartridge guns go with our wide selection of joint fillers. See the list below to pair the cartridge gun with the appropriate joint filler and repair...

    $83.33 - $139.17
  • Nyalox Wheels Nyalox Wheels Nyalox Wheels Nyalox Wheels

    Nyalox Wheels

    These Nyalox wheel brushes are perfect for a variety of uses. They are safer to use and last longer than traditional wire brushes. They can be attached and used with any portable drill, they outlast wire wheels ten to one. These are a must-have job...

    $9.29 - $12.49
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