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Dust Extractors

While you may be focused on grinders and polishers for your next surface prep job, vacuums, separators and air scrubbers cannot be forgotten. DiamaPro Systems and Lavina offer Hepa-filtered dust extraction systems that are extremely important in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment during your floor preparation process. Whether you are looking for heavy-duty electric vacs or convenient propane powered vacs, you can find them here - we have an array of both! You can also shop DiamaPro Systems' wet/slurry vac for easy concrete slurry clean-up.  Check out Pre-Separators here for heavy grinding jobs.

Niagara Machine is your go-to supplier for industrial dust extraction equipment. We proudly stock the full line of SVX dust extractors from DiamaPro Systems as well as models from other leading manufacturers like Lavina, and  BlastPro. We also stock a wide selection of parts and accessories for your dust extraction needs. 

DiamaPro SVX Series 

The SVX line of dust extractors from DiamaPro comprises the best vacuum technology on the concrete surface prep and polishing market. Every dust extractor in the SVX line is a certified HEPA-filtered vacuum that is engineered to be dependable, durable, and efficient. These dust collectors have some of the strongest suction power, providing your jobsite with the best air flow and air quality possible. 

When it comes to extracting concrete dust from a job site, you need a vacuum that has enough suction power during grinding to prevent the dust from getting into the air. The HEPA filter on the SVX dust collectors utilizes a PTFE membrane that is specifically designed to smooth the surface of the filter, preventing dust from sticking. This leads to longer and more efficient dust extraction and a longer filter life.   

DiamaPro SVX vacuums are offered in both manual and automatic pulsing versions. 

The automatic filter cleaning technology on the DiamaPro SVX2-A and SVX3-ensures constant suction power and performance whenever its running. This proprietary filter technology from DiamaPro Systems means your filters will clean themselves without a pause in suction. The nonstop suction and production of this line of dust collectors is why they are some of the best and most popular machines in the industrial equipment industry. 

Other automatic features on the SVX line include: 

  • Carrying tools basket 
  • Large, 6 inch casters 
  • Durable frame 
  • Easy grip front handles 
  • Continuous bag dust collection system 

OSHA Silica Standard 

OSHA requires all job sites be free from silica dust. This is one of the most common reasons professional contractors purchase a dust extractor, in addition to deploying at least one of these other dust control methods: 

  • Always wear proper PPE (personal protection equipment) when concrete grinding. 

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