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Propane Engine: Kawasaki FX600V
Engine Capacity: 6033cc / 36.8
Propane Tank Capacity: 20lbs
Main Filter: Conical Filter
Filter Surface Area: 53.8 sq.ft.
Filter Cleaning: Manual (opt. Auto)
Hepa Surface Area: 43 sq.ft.
Airflow (max): 470.9 cfm
Vacuum (max): 112.5 waterlift
Longopac: yes
Main Vacuum Hose: 3in x 32ft
Wand Hose: 2in x 21.3ft
Dimensions (LxWxH): 51x31.5x70in
Weight: 730lbs

Lavina 32GE vacuum, 603cc Kawasaki engine ;490cfm, 112.5 water lift, D75 (75mm/3in) x 10m/32ft anti static main hose; Camlock; LONGOPAC; 1 Conical and 2 HEPA H13 filter; D50 (50mm/2in) hose and floor tool kit.

With industry-best technology and features, the V32 Elite Dust Extractors take dust collection to a new level of performance and productivity.

  • Integrated pre-separator
  • Second cyclone around the conical filter in the filter chamber, which captures the mid-sized particles;
  • Conical M class filter;
  • Hepa filter H13 as a last filtration point
  • Integrated emergency lamp reminds the operator to clean filter.
  • Option to upgrade to automatic cleaning.
  • Conical filter with high air permeability and large filter area for better suction and longer working time between cleaning intervals.
  • Easy to access Hepa H13 filter to capture 99.95% of particles 0.15-0.30μm.
  • Lighter and more compact body design.
  • New, easier to mount Longopac holders