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Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are versatile pieces of industrial equipment used by professional contractors and homeowners alike to filter unwanted substances out of indoor environments. DiamaPro Systems makes some of the most popular HEPA-filtered air scrubbers on the market and Niagara Machine stocks its entire line of portable air scrubbers and filters.

Some of the most common uses of air scrubbers include:

Construction Jobsites

Commercial-grade air scrubbers are used to maintain a contaminant-free indoor Job site, and DiamaPro Systems air scrubbers are the preferred air filtration systems of the construction industry. Air scrubbers are commonly used when abatement and concrete grinding are present as these tasks pollute the air with concrete dust that is harmful to breathe. They are also utilized whenever hazardous particles are present such as asbestos, and toxic lead.

Painting and Home Remodels

Air scrubbers are used by professional painters and residential contractors when painting or renovating an indoor area. This air scrubber is portable and highly effective for ridding the air of paint fumes, plaster dust, and sawdust.

Water Damage Restoration 

Water damage is costly in terms of harmful air pollution and it brings mildew, mold, asbestos, and toxic lead. Restoration professionals count on the AS-1000 HEPA Filtered Air Scrubber from DiamaPro to remove these harmful air pollutants while they are working on a water damage restoration project. 

Perfect for Any Project 

DiamaPro Systems air scrubbers come in three sizes for small, medium, and commercial-grade projects. The AS-500 is the smallest unit and is popular to circulate and filter the air in offices and medical facilities. The AS-1000 is the mid-size model and the AS-2000 is the biggest, commercial-grade air scrubber in the DiamaPro Systems line. Both the AS-1000 and AS-2000 feature heavy-duty wheels for transportation and a molded body shell that can stand up to the toughest of job site environments. They offer effective air filtration on job sites running multiple dust and debris-creating equipment like concrete grinders, shot blasters, scrapers, and burnishers.  

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