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Floor Scrapers

Find replacement parts for ride-on floor scrapers and industrial walk-behind floor scraper parts. We are a proud distributor of the highest quality floor preparation equipment. Concrete resurfacing is a tough job and is hard on the machines, no matter how strong and well-built. We have factory-trained mechanics ready to help when you and your equipment need it. You can count on Niagara Machine for industrial floor scraper parts and service that will get your scraper back up and running and your job completed! Call one of our experienced technicians for replacement part advice or schedule routine maintenance today. 

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  • Tile Blades Tile Blades

    Tile Blades

    The scraper blade choices have some flex that allow you to remove most unwanted flooring. Prime examples include: VCT, VAT, wood, tile, rubber epoxy, elastomeric coatings, scraping thinset or glued ceramic. The blade thickness (available in .094" or...

    $19.00 - $55.00
  • Carpet Blades Carpet Blades

    Carpet Blades

    This blade will stay sharper longer with a better overall performance then any other blade on the market. It can be used on a variety of flooring including: VCT, VAT, wood, tile rubber epoxy, elastomeric coatings, coatings, scraping...

    $32.00 - $43.00
2 of 2 Items