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Be sure to strengthen your floor with one of the concrete hardeners/densifier products below.  Niagara Machine carries DiamaPro Systems, Prosoco, and Ameripolish.  Take a look at our variety of chemicals.  Some of them include DiamaGrout, DiamaHard, Fist Cut, Blended Densifier, DiamaJoint Fill-Plus, and many more.  Protect and strengthen your floor to have long-lasting results!

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  • moisture-control-plus-5gal

    Moisture Control Plus

    DiamaPro® Moisture Control is a water-based penetrating sealer that provides a unique internal barrier that controls moisture vapor that has a negative effect on topically applied coatings, moisture sensitive flooring systems...

  • Diama-Hard one and five gallons Diama-Hard one gallon container Diama-Hard five gallon container


    DiamaPro® DiamaHard silicate hardener is a proprietary water-based non-film forming material that will increase the surface abrasion resistance of broom, trowel and polished concrete as well as integrally colored and dyed concrete. It penetrates just...

    $60.00 - $200.00
  • ecohard ms plus 5gal

    Eco-Hard MS PLUS

    MONO-SILICATE DENSIFIER WITH HIGHER SOLIDS Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS Mono-silicate Densifier improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. Ameripolish® Eco-Hard MS PLUS dust proofs, hardens, and...

  • First Cut with Densifier-5 gallon container

    First Cut with Densifier

    Grind and densify in one consolidated, easy step First Cut with Densifier allows you to grind and densify floors at the same time, making wet-grind and power-trowel polishing jobs faster and more efficient. Eliminates the need to wait for floors to be...

  • LS one and five gallon container LS one gallon container LS five gallon container

    LS Hardener/Densifier

    Consolideck® LS® is the premium sealer, hardener and densifier for concrete surfaces. This deeply penetrating lithium silicate treatment penetrates and reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete...

    $63.68 - $299.17
  • ls/cs one and five gallon container ls/cs one gallon container ls/cs five gallon container

    LS/CS Hardener/Densifier

    reactive silicate hardener/densifier and dust-proofer for concrete Consolideck LS/CS provides an advanced alternative to conventional sodium or potassium silicate surface hardeners. This penetrating silicate treatment reacts with concrete to...

    $37.54 - $167.19
  • 3D HSL Densifier 1 gal and 5 gal 3D HSL Densifier 1 gal 3D HSL Densifier 5 gal

    3D HSL Densifier

    Ameripolish developed 3D Hybrid Silicate Densifier to help keep concrete look newer longer. Penetrating deep into concrete, 3D HSL Densifier improves surface performance and resists harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. High penetration...

    $33.02 - $113.84
  • Ameripolish 3D-HS densifier Ameripolish 3D-HS densifier- 1 gallon Ameripolish 3D-HS densifier- 5 gallon

    3D HS Densifier

    3D HS is a blend of reactive silicates and additives providing enhanced densification and stain resistance with easy to use hybrid silicate densifiers. 3D HS can be used by itself or with Ameripolish dyes and stain protectors. Harden concrete...

    $66.02 - $227.70
  • blended densifier 5 gallon

    Blended Densifier

    Consolideck® Blended Densifier is a blend of silicates designed specifically for steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors. This penetrating, economical treatment reacts with the concrete to quickly create a harder, denser surface. Blended...

9 of 9 Items