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Microban® Antimicrobial

Microban® antimicrobial product protection works at a cellular level to continually disrupt the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. It operates a multi-modal attack, damaging the protein, cell membrane, DNA, and internal systems of a microbe. Once infused into DiamaPro® Systems chemical products, antimicrobial technology will start to work as soon as a microorganism comes into contact with the protected surface.

Concrete treatments with Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibit the growth of microorganisms that can cause staining, bad odor, and premature product deterioration. Chemicals infused with Microban® antimicrobial also provide an added level of cleanliness protection in-between routine cleanings - making these chemicals the perfect choice for any facility that prioritizes sanitation.

Watch this short video to see the benefits over time of Microban Product Protection. Watch this video to learn the most FAQ about Microban technology!


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  • UV-HS 1gal 5gal UV-HS 1gal UV-HS 5gal UV-HS Plus UV-HS classroom floor

    UV-HS Plus

    DiamaPro Systems' UV-HS Plus is a durable, chemical and stain resistant urethane UV-cured floor coating that protects concrete from physical, chemical and microbial attack and wear. It’s the perfect solution for commercial, industrial, retail and...

  • moisture control 5 gal bucket

    Moisture Control Plus

    DiamaPro® Moisture Control is a water-based penetrating sealer that provides a unique internal barrier that controls moisture vapor that has a negative effect on topically applied coatings, moisture sensitive flooring systems...

  • 600ml cartridge 600ml cartridge side 10 gallon kit diamatint swatch chart 10 gallon unit and 600ml cartridge

    DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Technology

    *DiamaTint Color Pack is included in 10 Gallon Unit price and comes unblended with kit* DiamaPro DiamaJoint Fill Plus with Microban® Product Protection - 2 Part, 1:1 Ratio (custom colors) A proprietary polyurea control joint fill material...

    $52.00 - $680.00
  • diamaguard hg plus 1 gallon container and 5 gallon bucket diamaguard hg plus 1 gallon container diamaguard hg plus 5 gallon bucket Diama-Guard HG Plus Diama-Guard HG Plus

    Diama-Guard HG Plus

    DiamaPro® Diama-Guard HG Plus is a proprietary water-borne protective coating for interior floors. Infused with Microban, an anti-microbial additive, it protects surfaces against stains and etching while minimizing the growth and bacterial and fungal...

    $100.00 - $400.00
  • PSR 1 and 5 gallons PSR 1 gallon bucket Diama-Guard PSR Plus

    Diama-Guard PSR Plus

    DiamaPro® Diama-Guard PSR Plus is a penetrating, hydrophobic, non-film-forming water and stain repellant for dyed and conventional polished or troweled concrete infused with Microban® Technologies anti-microbial additive. It protects against the...

    $160.00 - $700.00
5 of 5 Items