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USED ROG-60+ Ride-On Grinder

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The DP-ROG-60 ride-on grinding and polishing machine was engineered specifically for the concrete prep and polishing contractor. The powerful 18HP Briggs and Stratton motor along with the magnetic plates allow the DP-ROG-60 to tackle prep jobs. Complete with quick connection Velcro foam plates for resin polishing, the DP-ROG-60 can tackle large polishing jobs quickly, and reduce labor costs. It’s vacuum hose attachment allows the unit to be run wet or dry. The machine utilizes a small, durable frame that makes it easy to transport around tight areas. The DP-ROG-60 easily fits on trailers, or in the bed of trucks. With its sturdy lifting and transportation arms, there is no need to have a forklift on site for changing tools or moving the machine. 

Design Features:

  • 23HP Briggs & Stratton Engine and 20lb Propane Tank with on-board carbon monoxide indicators
  • Run it wet or dry. This grinder has been proven in both wet grinding applications and dry grinding applications. 
  • Heavy-duty transportation wheels on each side with cranks and lifting arms makes tooling changes fast and easy. 
  • 8 Magnetic Metal Tooling Plates for preparation jobs
  • 8 quick-connect Foam Velcro Tooling Plates for resin polishing
  • 2 powerful LED Lights makes viewing easy for the operator
  • 2.5” Camlock Dry Vacuum Attachment allows the user to collect dust generated during dry grinding as it's being created, resulting in very little dust on the job site
  • Shroud protects all mechanical components from slurry and dust contamination, extending the service life of the grinder and decreases the amount of cleaning and maintenance required.
  • Electric Start w/ Battery
  • Forklift Lifting Point
  • Easily fits through a standard 36" door
18HP Briggs & Stratton
Grinder Type:
670 lbs W/ Plates
750 lbs W/ Stands & Plates
Number of Heads:
Head Diameter:
12 in
61” X 31.5” X 38”
Production Rate:
Up to 10,000 Sq.Ft/Hour
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