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Armor Hard Liquid 1 Gallon Unit

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ARMOR-HARD 1 gallon is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy system with early set properties.

ARMOR-HARD was developed specifically for the repair of industrial concrete floors subject to hard-wheeled traffic. ARMORHARD's primary use is in combination with sand aggregate to create a trowel-able mortar. It can also be used in its liquid form for certain repairs. 

Color of the blended epoxy is translucent/clear, but mortar color will be the color of the aggregate used. Typical Use: As a mortar; Spall repair/rebuilding of joint shoulders, As a topping for delaminated slabs, Fill in holes, gouges, ruts, and popouts.

Repair broken slab panel corners; As a liquid; Fill wider random cracks. Bond concrete to concrete. Limitations: Should not be used in joints or cracks that move. For deep repairs install in max. 1" (25 mm) deep layers to avoid shrinkage due to exotherm. Not for use as a surface coating. Should be installed at 50°(10° C or higher.


  • Early set allows for Pedestrian/ Construction traffic in 3-4 hours
  • Grinding/Sanding in 3-4 hours,
  • Hard-wheeled traffic in 8 hrs. or less (at 70° Requires no separate primer, USDA/FDA acceptable, superior impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance)
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