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Part Number: 46032-05GAL
Size: 5 Gallon

DuraSheen is a fast-drying, high-gloss, durable protective treatment for pavers and horizontal concrete. It produces a tough, chemically resistant, glossy finish that guards against contaminants that can etch and stain hard surfaces. It protects floors and surfaces against food, drink, cleaning chemicals and more. On pavers, DuraSheen gives surfaces premium protection, and vibrant gloss and shine. Appropriate for any size installations, new or old, inside or out.

  • Non-yellowing. Surface stays clear.
  • Ideal for pavers and horizontal concrete, new or old.
  • Appropriate for use on burnished block.
  • Reduces cleanup effort. Resists construction stains.
  • Protects against alkali, oil, cleaners and common chemicals.

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