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The DiamaPro Systems' ESD Floor System is an effective, economic static control coating.

For manufacturers and building supervisors who require ESD flooring, there’s now an option that enables them to obtain complete static control protection at a fraction of the cost of epoxy and prefabricated ESD flooring: the DiamaPro® Diama-ESD System.

The DiamaPro Diama-ESD System combines static control protection with outstanding resistance to abrasion, and chemical and moisture infiltration. And it eliminates the substantial expenditure required for epoxy, modular vinyl tile, carpet or rubber flooring.

The system is designed for concrete, terrazzo and raised access concrete flooring required to withstand heavy pedestrian traffic, humidity and moisture migration, and related environmental stresses. When applied directly to a polished concrete floor or concrete raised access panel, Diama-ESD enhances the natural beauty of the finished surface.

Basic applications for DiamaPro Diama-ESD include electronics manufacturing facilities and operations relying on sophisticated electronic equipment, such as data centers, emergency call centers, dispatch operations, flight control centers, MRI suites, and clean rooms. 

 The DiamaPro Diama-ESD System dissipates static electricity from personnel in less than 0.02 seconds, the criterion required by many industries. 

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