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LB36G-S Burnisher

LB36G-S Burnisher

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Propane Engine Capacity: 603cc, 36.8 cu in Kawasaki
Power: 18hp/3600min
Tool Holder RPMS: 1666-3000 RPMs
Engine RPMS: 2000-3600 RPMs
Working Width: 36in / 914.4mm
Tool Holder Diameter: 3x14in / 3x356mm
Application: wet or dry
Dust Collection System: Vacuum turbine
Vacuum Bag: T285 (LH 4)
Water Feeding: Front spray with pump
Water Tank Capacity: 5.2gal
Propane Tank Capacity: 20lbs
Machine Weight: 617lbs
Machine Size (LxWxH): 79 x 37.4 x 44.2in
Crate (LxWxH): 81x42x51in

Lavina LB36G-S Planetary Polisher 

Reduce your time on the job site with this super efficient and versatile floor machine! LB36G-S can be used for floor restoration and maintenance, honing, polishing and burnishing.

  • 36-inch propane burnisher
  • Three 14’’ heads and flexible head design
  • High productivity with limited downtime
  • Durable design and heavy duty motor
  • Recommended tools - 14” ShinePro® pads