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27" burnisher right side view

27" Burnisher

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Part Number: DPBRN27-X+
Performance: up to 34,000 sq.ft / hr.
Engine: 708cc 20 HP, LX700, 3-Stage LPG Regulation, EPA/CARB Certified
Sound Level: 87 dBA
Pad Speed: 1200 to 2100 RPM
Pad Size: 27"
Run Time: 6 Hours per 20lb Cylinder
Frame: Powder Coated Reinforced Steel
Width & Length: 28" x 53"
Weight: 280lbs
Shipping Weight: 310lbs
Ignition System: 12v Lithium-ion Battery Start
Fuel Tank: 20lb Steel w/ Overfill Protection Device Installed
Upgrades: Emission Monitoring System, Electric Clutch, Microfiber Vacuum Bags

The DiamaPro 27" Propane Burnisher is perfect for hard to reach areas. Comes Standard with dust control that removes up to 92% of air particulates.


  • Burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hour
  • Quickly exchange 21”, 24”, 27” heads
  • Toolless pad driver removal
  • Floating brush skirt contains dust
  • Industry leading power
  • Quick wheel & handle adjustment


  • Lowest carbon emissions by 53%
  • Anti-vibration isolators
  • Low tone noise reduction muffler
  • Watertight electrical enclosure
  • Enclosed belt and pulleys
  • Emission Monitoring System


  • LEHR Fuel System requires no adjustments
  • Internal vaporizer eliminates regulator freezing
  • In-line Fuel Filter
  • Lead free lithium-ion battery
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Renben industrial-grade bearings