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L25GEK Propane Floor Grinder

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The all-new L25GEK grinder from Lavina features a KOHLER® Engine (747 cc), which is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient propane engines on the market. This grinder is also equipped with all the Elite Series user-friendly features you can find listed below. 

  • NEW AND IMPROVED WATER SYSTEM with gravity-fed water supply from the water tank and external water supply from a hose (hose connection fitting is included). There is no water pump or misting system on the new machines.
  • New rear wheel set makes grinder transportation and loading easier. It comes installed on all 20/25/30-inch Elite machines, and it is also available as an accessory for previous Elite models.
  • Optional 3rd wheel for transportation & optional lever for lifting the machine up.
  • Dust-proof planetary drive protects internal components from dust and moisture, which reduces maintenance and increases service life.
  • The heads of all propane grinders have counter-clockwise / left rotation. Use the blue PCDs and Carbide Scrapers.
  • Easy-to-use integrated weights. With the weights down, you increase the grinding head pressure, and you can grind more aggressively.
  • Improved dust collection efficiency with adjustable skirt with a flexible brush, and a vacuum hose connection close to the dust source (with a metal camlock attachment).
  • Adjustable handle bar with multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation. Make sure the handle position is locked when moving or using the machine.
  • LED lights for monitoring the floor in front and back.
  • Convenient integrated lift points for moving the machine with a forklift.
  • Charging phone station and durable stainless steel cup holder.

Grinding Tips from Lavina:

  • Overlap around 25% of the machine work path between passes.
  • Check dust skirt to make sure it is all the way down, touching the floor to reduce airborne dust. Replace skirt if worn out or damaged.
  • When starting machine hold it firmly and start moving (don’t keep it in one spot while heads are spinning).
  • When stopping machine, keep moving until the grinding heads stop.
  • To tilt machine up for tooling changes, move the weights back.
  • To add more grinding pressure and grind more aggressively, put the weights down / forward.
  • Always lock the weights during transportation.
Propane Engine:
KOHLER Command Pro EFI PCV740
Engine Capacity:
747 cc, 45 cu. in.
Weight of Machine:
764 lbs
Grinding Pressure Weights UP:
418 lbs
Grinding Pressure Weights DOWN:
489 lbs
Tool Holder RPM:
570-1030 rpm
Engine RPM:
2000-3600 rpm
Working Width:
25 in
Tool Holder Diameter:
3x9 in
Wet Or Dry
Vacuum Hose Port:
Camlock E250
Water Feeding:
gravity-fed from tank, or hose connection
Water Tank Capacity:
5.2 gal
Propane Tank Capacity:
Propane Tank Capacity
Dimensions (LxWxH):
71 x 28 x 48 in
Grinder Series:
Grinder Type:
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