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L32RE Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder

L32RE Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder

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Part Number: L32RE
Working Width: 32-inch
Horsepower: 20 HP
Voltage: 3ph x 200-240V, 60 Amp max
Weight: 1565 lbs
Grinding Pressure: 540-870 lbs
Heads: 3 x 9-inch
Dimensions (LxWxH): 100x34x52 in

Lavina® 32 Elite Remote Controlled Planetary Grinding and Polishing Machine 20HP(15kW) 3ph 200-240V 60Amps width 32"(81cm)

NEW Intelligent REMOTE CONTROL Precise control over the machine - two sensitive thumbsticks control its position and offset, including integrated mapping on the offset. A wide range of functions. Super light and easy to use with ergonomic rubber grip.

INTUITIVE TOUCHSCREEN PANEL / HMI Superabrasive's new HMI provides essential operating information and implements operators’ instructions.

HMI functionality includes:

  • indications of power supply and power consumption
  • machine load and hours worked
  • tool holder rpm and option to choose rpm setting with tool input
  • water supply and lights activation
  • maintenance reminders
  • password activation and shutoff , etc.