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Part Number: TR-EDGER
Horsepower: 3
Voltage: 230
Phase: 1
Drive: Manual
Amp Draw: 13.2
Breaker (amps): 30
Stone Holder RPM: 1725
Sweep of Discs: 17in / 178mm
Abrasive Pressure: 45lbs
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.5 x 16 x 37.5in
Weight of Machine: 230lbs
Water Tank: 7 gallon
Application: Wet or Dry
Dust Collection: Required
Power Cord Length: 100ft

The Terrco Edger has many features and benefits including: 

  • Extremely Versatile
  • Wet/Dry setup
  • Magnetic start
  • Works with cup wheels and polishing pads
  • Movable arm to get into tight areas
  • Adjustable wheel to control height of machine to accommodate different size cup wheels
  • Belt Driven

It also features the adjustable roller guard which was designed to handle a seven inch cup wheel. The rollers on the guard are adjustable to allow the user to choose how close to a wall to grind. The Terrco Edger equipped with the HBS-146 guard will keep you off your knees all while grinding cleanly right up to a wall.