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T-BONE Polishing Discs

T-BONE Polishing Discs

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Application: Wet or Dry

T-Bone Polishing Discs  for wet and dry concrete are similar to the Nato Discs. They feature wide channels to allow for a cleaner work surface, ensuring a quality work surface. Due to its lower profile, T-Bone is also ideal for "swing" machines. Its slightly larger footprint makes T-Bone perfect for heavier machines on the market. They are also slightly thinner than the Nato, making them more economical for quality floor polishing.

Advantages of T-Bone® Polishing Discs:

  • Wide channels allow for a cleaner work surface during polishing
  • Convenient 3 inch size, and Velcro backing makes T-Bone® very versatile
  • Popular resin polishing pad for concrete polishing