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Wrangler 2616 DB

Wrangler 2616 DB

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Cleaning Path: 26"
Brush/Pad: 2x13"
Solution Tank: 16 gal
Recovery Tank: 17 gal
Solution Flow Rates: 0 to 1.0 GPM, manual valve
Brush Motor (HP): 0.50
Brush Motor (RPM): 150
Pad Pressure: 70, 100 lbs
Vacuum Motor (HP): 0.75
Vacuum Motor (CFM): 65
Water Lift (in): 58
Drive Motor (HP): 0.33 (250 W)
Drive Wheel: Two 8” x 2”
Wheel Material: Non-marking rubber with non-slip tread
Batteries, Quantity: 4 x 6V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 57 x 30 x 39.5 in
Weight (Lbs): 527 / 559

26-inch walk-behind automatic scrubber

The Wrangler 2616 DB delivers high-productivity and cleaning performance you can count on. It is a perfect fit for hard floor cleaning programs found in retail, convenience stores, healthcare, schools, airports and hospitality.

  • Durable and reliable. Built for tough commercial environments, the Wrangler 2616 DB will hold up year after year.
  • Simplify operator training. The Wrangler 2616 DB has easy to understand controls, saving time when training new custodians.
  • Cost-effective efficiency. The Wrangler 2616 DB is an extraordinary value. Save labor with a large scrub deck on a machine that fits into your budget.