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Wrangler 2625 DB

Wrangler 2625 DB

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Brush/Pad Cleaning Path: 25in
Brush/Pad Motor: 2 Permanent magnet, gear drive
Brush/Pad Voltage: 24V
Brush/Pad HP: 0.75HP
Speed: 200RPM
Pressure: 60lbs, 90lbs, 120lbs
Pad Drivers: Two 14in poly back tufted
Vacuum Motor: 3-stage, bypass, tangential discharge
Vacuum Motor Voltage: 24V
Vacuum Motor HP: 0.75HP
Waterlift: 56in
Drive System: Wheel-drive transaxle
Drive System Voltage: 24V
Drive System HP: 0.33HP
Batteries: Four 6V Batteries, 235 AH
Dimensions (LxWxH): 55.5x27x41in
Theoretical Productivity: 25999 sq.ft/hr
Practical Productivity: 12062 sq.ft/hr

The Wrangler 2625 DB is the mid-size value leader with its large scrubber features and compact, maneuverable package.

  • The 25-gal. solution and 27-gal. recovery tanks on the Wrangler 2625 DB are 25 percent larger than tanks on comparable mid-sized scrubbers. This translates to fewer trips to empty and refill the machine.
  • The compact body with front drive wheels and rear casters let the Wrangler 2625 DB turn with ease, even in constricted areas.
  • Three scrub pressures allow the Wrangler 2625 DB to take on any scrubbing task.
  • Variable-speed wheel-drive assures smooth operation, reducing operator fatigue and maintaining productivity throughout the shift.
  • The on-board battery charger allows safe, convenient battery charging anywhere an outlet is available.
  • Straight, long-lasting urethane squeegee picks up equally well in forward and reverse.
  • The Wrangler 2625 DB is available with a curved squeegee, an ideal option for industrial applications. This attachment funnels water and debris to the center of the squeegee for easy recovery.


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