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Wrangler 1503 Compact Scrubber

Wrangler 1503 Compact Scrubber

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Pad: 15in, 15 in pad driver standard
Pad Drive Motor (AB): 24V, 0.33HP, 250 watts
Speed: 130RPM
Pad Pressure: 50lbs
Vacuum Motor (AB): 24V, 0.4HP, 300 watts
CFM: 65.1
Waterlift: 49in
Protection: Ball float and plastic tray
Power (AB): Two 12V, AGM, 35AH
Vacuum Motor (AE): 0.33HP, 120V, 59. CFM, 68in waterlift
Power Drive Motor (AE): 120V, 0.5HP, 155RPM
Power (AE): 49ft cord
Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x15.8x38in

Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make the Wrangler 1503 the best value in micro scrubbers. Designed for applications less than 10,000 sq. ft., this Wrangler is perfectly sized for restrooms, convenience stores, and nursing home rooms.

  • 15-in/38.5-cm scrub path; 18-in/45-cm squeegee
  • 3.7-gal/14-l solution and 4.2-gal/16-l recovery tank
  • .33 HP brush motor and a .4 HP vacuum motor
  • Wrap-around squeegee is located directly behind the scrub brush for complete solution recovery
  • Adjustable ergonomic handles and two 8-inch rear wheels increase maneuverability
  • AGM battery-powered (AB) and cord-electric (AE) models available