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Wrangler 2730 DB

Wrangler 2730 DB

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Brush/Pad: 27in
Brush Motor: 36V, 2 permanent magnet, gear motors
Brush Motor HP: 0.75HP each
Speed: 200RPM
Pressure: 100lbs, 200lbs
Pad Drivers: Two 14in poly back tufted
Vacuum Motor: 36V, 3 Stage bypass, tangential discharge
Vacuum Motor HP: 0.75HP
CFM: 73
Waterlift: 70in
Drive Motor: 36V permanent magnet
Drive Motor HP: 0.5HP
Drive Wheel: 10in x 4in
Batteries: 235AH or 350AH
Dimensions (LxWxH): 64x30x42in

With the high performance Wrangler 2730 DB, cleaning large areas has never been easier. This rugged and maneuverable autoscrubber is unsurpassed for cleaning power, productivity, and dependability.

  • Variable speed wheel-drive, in both forward and reverse, provides exceptional maneuverability.
  • Allows the operator to match the machine’s working speed to a comfortable pace, reducing fatigue.
  • The high-frequency, “smart” on-board battery charger uses a temperature sensor to maximize charging efficiency.
  • Optional Auto-Fill Battery Watering System and optional Low-Water Battery Alarm are available to help assure long battery life.

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