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Burnished Concrete vs. Polished Concrete - Making the Right Flooring Choice

Burnished Concrete vs. Polished Concrete - Making the Right Flooring Choice

20th Sep 2023

In the realm of modern architecture and interior design, concrete flooring has emerged as a resounding trend, offering both aesthetic allure and practical functionality. The selection of the right concrete finish is a pivotal decision that profoundly influences the ambiance and utility of a space. Burnished concrete vs polished concrete are the two prominent concrete finishes we specialize in. Therefore, examining the advantages, drawbacks, and cost implications will determine the method you will use.

Burnished concrete is often interchanged with polished concrete. Floor burnishers use their powerful rotation action to heat, melt, and buff a chemical coating into the surface (typically a waxed-based product) that fills the pores of the concrete and gives the floor a glossy, satin-like sheen. Burnished concrete provides enhanced durability and exceptional suitability for high-traffic areas. Plus, its resilience against wear and abrasion is a huge plus. The DiamaPro 27” Propane Burnisher is a great machine to use because it is perfect for hard-to-reach areas and comes standard with dust control features as well. Notable examples of its application include commercial spaces like retail outlets, industrial settings, and even residential interiors seeking a modern industrial aesthetic.

As for polished concrete, it’s an elegant alternative because it draws attention to its glossy and reflective finish. The polishing process involves grinding the concrete surface mechanically with progressively finer abrasives, resulting in a polished sheen. You can ultimately control the desired level of shine you would like to have on the floor. The versatility of polished concrete is excellent for contemporary and traditional design schemes. People tend to see this method in posh hotels, residential homes, and especially in big-box retail stores, where it can create stunning visual effects through light reflection.

When deciding between burnished concrete vs polished concrete, it's important to consider the intended environment for the floor. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use, it will affect how the floor performs. Not to mention the desired shine finish you want to have as well. However, the financial aspect plays a crucial role in the decision-making process because it will be the biggest factor as it relates to your budget when you complete this task.

When it comes to evaluating costs for flooring options, it's important to consider both initial installation expenses and long-term maintenance requirements. Burnished concrete is a great option that is generally more cost-effective in the short term and requires minimal maintenance due to its durability. Not only that, but it also leaves a low-gloss finish that will still look nice. Many people in the industry use the DiamaPro Demon Floor Machine because it is compact and can be used for all hard floor types. On the other hand, polished concrete has a higher upfront cost but boasts a longer lifespan and higher shine potential. It's important to carefully consider project size, floor preparation, and customization when evaluating costs for these options.

Choosing between burnished concrete vs polished concrete can be a complex decision, as both finishes have their own unique advantages. Burnished concrete is a cost-effective and robust option, ideal for high-traffic areas, while polished concrete offers a glossy finish and flexibility for various design styles. Ultimately, the decision should be based on individual preferences, budget, and functional requirements. It's important to consider not only the appearance but also the practical aspects of maintenance and longevity. By carefully evaluating these factors, one can make an informed decision on the best choice for their space.

If you need help deciding between polished concrete vs burnished concrete or starting/finishing a polished or burnished concrete floor, give the experts a call! At Niagara, we have extensive knowledge in the field and know the benefits and drawbacks of every floor finish. We are here and happy to help.