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Slurry Containment System

Slurry Containment System

3rd Jan 2022

Simplify your job site slurry management while meeting OSHA standards.

DiamaPro Systems Slurry Containment System (DP-SCS) simplifies the task of what to do with jobsite concrete mud when wet grinding. The growing popularity of wet-polishing and the use of power trowel machines has increased the need for an efficient and economical solution to slurry removal. More wet work is being done to reduce silica levels on job sites. DP-SCS facilitates the handling of concrete slurry. This system reduces the amount of waste material to discard, removes heavy metal contaminants, lowers pH and reuses the separated water back on the job.

DiamaPro’s Slurry Containment System separates suspended solids from the water. Adding the Slurry Splitter causes particles to clump together and settle to the bottom of the Slurry Sifter bag. This treated waste-water is then filtered through the Slurry Sifter dewatering bag. The treated-water can be pumped out for reuse or disposed of. Slurry Sponge is a polymer that, when added to the remaining slurry, coagulates the liquid into a dry solid. The resulting solid matter can now be disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations. Use Slurry Scrub to aid in the clean-up and removal of concrete slurry from equipment. It turns hardened sludge into a soft substance for quicker removal. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, sign-in to our resources section and check out the product flyer!