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SVX Autom Vac Motor Replacement Instructions

If you watched our YouTube video SVX automatic vac disassembly for motor replacement and were looking for instructions on reassembly - you can find them here along with the full, written instructions for the disassembly steps from the video! **the instructions listed in this guide will be different if performing a motor replacement on one of our SVX series manual vacs.


***We recommend taking pictures of wiring before disconnecting anything as you go through the steps to reference during reassembly***

1. Loosen cord grip from back of cover and slide down cord
2. Remove 8 screws from top cover
3. Lift top cover and label or take pictures of wires before disconnecting to see how they will go when it is time to reassemble
4. Remove wires from hour meter
5. Slide top cover down along power cord
6. Make sure all wires are labeled!
7. Remove wires from one side of terminal block (small black wire to hour meter can stay connected to terminal block)
8. Remove all zip ties
9. Remove power cord (single clamp and 3 screws)
10. Remove top cover and power cord
11. Remove 10 screws for second/middle cover
12. Lift second/middle cover and feed wires through to the underside of cover
13. Position middle cover off to side to access wiring
14. Remove zip ties from protective box and take top off of box
15. Remove zip ties from wiring
16. Use micro screwdriver to release black, red, and pink wires from circuit board
17. Remove middle cover
18. Use micro screwdriver to release white motor wires
19. Disconnect shaker motor wires
20. Remove ground wire attaching screw
21. Remove 4 securing screws on each motor
22. Remove 2 more screws in bottom cover
23. Carefully feed shaker motor wires downward toward vac before lifting cover off
24. Raise cover up over motors and remove
25. Ready to replace 1, 2, or all 3 motors by wiggling and lifting out
      25.1 Seal cup on bottom comes off
      25.2 Spring and puck seals when system pulses so pay attention to this for reassembly!


1. Replace 1,2 or all 3 motors.
    1.1 Install seal cup on bottom of motor, ensuring the spring and puck are properly in place and sealed.
    1.2 Install motors back into place.
2. Place the bottom cover back on over the motors while feeding the shaker motor and vac motor wires upward and through the top of the cover, assuring to align all screw holes.
3. Install the 4 screws around each motor.
4. Install the 2 screws in the bottom cover.
5. Install the ground wire and attaching screw.
6. Reconnect the shaker motor and vac motor wires to the circuit board.
7. Bring the middle cover back into position and support, assuring to gain access to the wiring and connections.
8. Reconnect the black, red, and pink wires to the circuit board.
9. Install the cover back onto the protective box and zip tie into place.
10. Zip tie wires into place as needed.
11. Install the middle cover while feeding the black, brown, blue, and green/yellow wires upwards through the opening in the cover.
12. Install the 10 screws into the middle cover.
13. Bring the top cover and power cord back into position and support, assuring access to the wiring and connections.
14. Install power cord with clamp and 2 screws.
15. Install zip ties as needed.
16. Reconnect the brown, blue and green/yellow wires to the terminal block.
17. Slide the top cover back up along the power cord and place into position while allowing access to the hour meter and wiring.
18. Reconnect hour meter wires to the hour meter.
19. Align top cover into place and install the 8 screws.
20. Slide cord grip along power cord and tighten into place.

(some steps may vary depending on which SVX vac model you are working on. In the video, Dennis was working on an SVX3A-110V)