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BPZ-20-360 Ride-On Shot Blaster

BPZ-20-360 Ride-On Shot Blaster

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Production Capacity: 3800sq.ft/hr
Travel Speed: 40 to 240
Blast Pattern: 20"
Motor: Ford 4 Cylinder 2.3L
Fuel: Gas or Propane
Electrical System: 12V DC
Lights: Rear, front
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 108x67x67in w/tank
Weight: 4000lbs
Dust Collector: On-board
Dust Collector Fan: 2600 CFM
Dust Collector Compressor: 90 psi
Safety Flasher Bar: Optional

The BPZ 20-360 shot blasting system is the perfect solution for large jobs that call for a ride-on machine and it eliminates the need for a generator system or electric power. The BPZ 20-360 features an industry revolutionizing zero turn radius, is quick, and the most maneuverable machine on the market today. The BPZ 20-360 is manufactured using only state of the art components, compressors, and hydraulic drives. The BPZ 20-360 provides high production and versatility when cleaning concrete for re-coating and overlay applications. The BPZ 20-360 ride-on shot blaster is the perfect choice for large jobs including parking garages, highway and bridge work, warehouse and industrial plant floors and airport runways. The BPZ-360 features joy stick steering, self contained dust collector, non-marking tires, hydraulic front end lift, hydraulic shot valve and heavy duty liners. 


• Highest Quality
• Ultra-high Production Output
• Competitive Pricing
• 24/7 Customer Service
• Zero Turn Radius
• Self Contained
• Gas or Propane Operation
• Replacement Parts, All Brands