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bp-10-27 without propane tank

BP-10-27 Shot Blaster

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Production Capacity: 1500 sq.ft/hr
Blast Pattern: 10"
Travel Speed: 0-200ft/min
Motor: 27hp
Fuel: Liquid Propane
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 78x234x55in
Weight: 1525lbs
Dust Collection: On-board

The BP-10-27 ride-on self-contained shot blasting system is the perfect solution for medium-to-large jobs and eliminates the need of a generator or electric power. The BP-10-27 and its rounded housing allows for superior performance and offers the new innovative Hammer Head reversible dovetail blade system incorporated into the paddle wheel design. This shot blasting machine features a compact design that allows it to pass through a 36” doorway and has an on-board pulse style dust collector.

The BP-10-27 rider is the ideal system for mid-range and larger jobs such as, airport runways, warehouse floors, parking decks, highways and bridge decks.