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Niagara Machine has diamond tooling to fit all major concrete grinder models. We have a huge selection of metals, resins, transitionals/hybrids, cup wheels, polishing pads, bush hammers, PCDs and more. We carry both the Lavina and DiamaPro line of tooling.

DiamaPro Systems® Precision Diamond Tooling combines science with good old fashion concrete grinding and polishing. DiamaPro Systems’ metallurgists scientifically dial in every bond and diamond concentration to provide the ideal compromise between cutting speed and tooling life.

These diamonds have been extensively tested in the laboratory and in the field to ensure the highest quality performance. During the testing process each tool is run on multiple floors because no two concrete floors are the same. DOI, Gloss, Roughness Average, RSPEC, and Haze are measured at each step of the polishing process to make sure every tool meets DiamaPro System’s standard of excellence.

We’ve got you covered for any type of application. Our extensive line of tooling includes PCDs, Bars, Buttons, 6 SEGS, 10 SEGS, Hybrids, and Resins to fit all major walk behind grinders. 

Our latest technological advancement in diamond technology comes in the form of our Star Cutter series. DiamaPro Systems Star Cutters use a proprietary shape specifically designed for fast preparation and removal of glues and epoxies. 

Superabrasive has been manufacturing diamond tools since 1987 and offers diamond tools for concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, overlays,and other floor applications, and is the only company in the industry to manufacture both its own complete line of machines AND diamond tools. Superabrasive’s diamonds for concrete (often called Lavina diamonds) are especially designed for use with Lavina machines but also have a proven record of excellent performance with other grinders and polishing machines on the market. 

Superabrasive’s most popular tooling brands include the QuickChange tooling system (metals and pcd), NATO® resin discs, Calibra® ceramic discs, V-HARR® premium polishing pads, and ShinePro® pads for floor maintenance.

Diamond Tools