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DiamaPro Diama-TLC revives concrete floors

DiamaPro Diama-TLC brings new colorful life and aesthetic appeal to interior and exterior concrete substrates. A blend of proprietary chemicals and pigment infused with lithium silicate, DiamaPro Diama-TLC imparts a near solid, uniform color to your substrate. It also bonds with the concrete substrate and takes on the performance benefits of the sealer topcoat. When used in tandem with DiamaPro UV-HS Plus, it assures optimal chemical and abrasion resistance, and can also be used under DiamaPro Diama-ESD, an electrostatic dissipative flooring system. 


• Chemically bonds the pigment to the substrate
• Wide spectrum of colors
• Bright and vibrant colors
• Breathable
• Will not peel, flake or blister
• Dries quickly
• Low odor
• Environmentally friendly alternative to solvents
• VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

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