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Dust Collection

While you may be focused on grinders and polishers for your next surface prep job, vacuums, pre-separators and air scrubbers cannot be forgotten. DiamaPro Systems and Lavina offer dust collection equipment and accessories that are extremely important in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment during your floor preparation process. 

OSHA Silica Standard

The dust created during the concrete grinding process could be hazardous to the operator and bystanders. According to OSHA's 2017 ruling on crystalline silica exposure, and under the new silica standards, workers are limited to a permissible exposure level (PEL) of 50 micrograms or respirable crystalline silica per cubic meter of air over an eight-hour period. Employers are required to take measures to limit workers' silica dust exposure and provide training for workers about the hazards of silica dust and how to limit exposure.

There are many resources online that help explain the rule and how to be in compliance - visit  

To limit exposure to silica dust during concrete grinding, contractors should implement one or more of the following methods:

  • Grind wet - use water to minimize airborne dust.
  • Be sure to use a dust collection system when grinding dry - make sure the chosen dust extractor is appropriate for the grinder you are using. Lavina and DiamaPro Systems dust extractors are equipped with Hepa filters and with Longopac / Infinity Bag bagging systems for easier and safer dust disposal.
  • Use protective masks or respirators which are approved for use with silica dust per government regulations.
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